Sculpt Your Abs in 6 Minutes With This Trainer’s Killer Floor Workout

Ready to tone and strengthen your core in just minutes? Fitness blogger and trainer Stefanie Williams shared a quick-but-killer floor workout on Instagram, featuring four ab moves that you can do anywhere.

This would be a great one to fit into your morning routine at home or even on a vacation as absolutely no equipment is required.

The workout:

  1. Side plank reach through
  2. Plank with shoulder tap
  3. Plank with knee to elbow
  4. Up-down plank

Complete three sets 30 seconds each with as little rest as possible in between.

Swipe through Stef’s videos above to see each move in full. And if you want to keep going, grab your dumbbells for her legs and butt workout afterwards!

A Mom Created Comics to Show How Self-Isolation Is Going For Her Family, and Yep, Relatable!

Cartoonist Adrienne Hedger has been making the most of self-isolation with her husband and two teenage daughters, and that means putting her creative skills to the test. Known for her website Hedger Humor, the California-based artist decided to illustrate what staying home looks like in her household, and to say we can relate is a serious understatement.

“Since I’m home 24/7 with the family, ideas are coming at me fast,” she told The Huffington Post. “A lot of my self-isolation cartoons involve my 14-year-old daughter, Claire. I told Claire, ‘These cartoons are writing themselves!’ And she replied, ‘No, I’m writing them for you.’ Touché.”

Like pretty much every other parent right now, all sense of scheduling has gone utterly out the window for Adrienne. “They usually don’t surface until late morning, and they do schoolwork in the late afternoon,” she explained. “For their ‘free time,’ I had all these ideas about educational videos they could watch or enriching projects they could take on. But I’ve given all that up. You want to lie face down on the ground while listening to an episode of The Office that you’ve memorized? Go for it.”

Scroll ahead to get a look at Adrienne’s incredible illustrations that might just hit a little too close to home!

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