Sarah Paulson, “Become a nudist, that’s my advice for YOUR empowerment!”

Sarah Paulson has quickly become our go-to icon. After serving up impressions left, right and centre on the Oceans 8 promotional tour, the actress, who rose to fame in American Horror Story, joins GLAMOUR’s Josh Newis-Smith to reveals some seriously funny life advice.

After starring in Glass (alongside James McAvoy and Bruce Willis) as a therapist who specialises in individuals who believe they are superheroes IRL (what a niche skill set), Sarah Paulson gets her best agony aunt ON to show you how to navigate through your dating life and so much more.

Strap yourselves IN and watch the video above!

Like your clients in Glass, I’ve got a superhero within who’s desperate to come out, but she’s got some bad style. What style advice would you give?

I think she’s best undressed – I think you should have your boobs out! I want your boob out. Is that really sexist of me? But I think your boobs should be out just because it’s empowering, and you’ve got fabulous ones so you should just let the pendulum hang. Let it out – free the nip! I don’t want any Instagram censoring. I want my nipples out and I want yours out too. I feel like why dress when you look the way you do. Just let it be. Clothing would actually diminish your light. Let the true you come out. Become a nudist. That’s my advice for your empowerment.

I’ve just started dating a lad who’s got so many layers to his personality and I can’t work out who he really is. How can I break him down to work out who the true him is?

I think you need to get a hidden camera and film him at home, at the office all day so you see what he is really like when you’re not around. So basically, be a secret lying spy. Get the information you need and then attack. I think that’s sound, sage advice. It may be a little duplicitous, but I don’t care. I was going to say you could sit on his face and be like, ‘you will tell me everything! I wanna know or I will not get off your face!’ I think it could work if you position everything the right way. My mother is going to kill me!

I’m looking to adopt a new tough guy image, I feel like maybe I need to masc it up a touch more. What tips can you give me for bringing out my inner Bruce Willis?

I think you could squint your eyes a little bit, put your chin down a bit, put your head to the side. But you can’t be laughing – that doesn’t work! Now, you don’t have any Bruce Willis in there. Put your head down, squint. Go a little bit lower with the voice. But not too much because all of a sudden, you’re Elvis!

My drunk personality needs a name – what should I christen her?

Her name is Vivian for sure. She’s a bit of a mess but so chic and glamourous. But when you first meet her, if you call her Viv and you don’t know her, she gets pissed.

Sarah, you have quite a lot of different personalities – what do you name them?

Mostly my names for myself are really stupid things like, Grumpy Sarah and Irritable Sarah but I call myself Sarah. I’m like, look at her she’s grumpy, oh sleepy Sarah, don’t bother her, she’s ti-ti! Give her a little bottle and a nuk nuk. I don’t know what that nuk nuk is.

You have been known to pull off a cracking crime – mainly stealing. What mug shot poses would you recommend?

Take the mascara and then you dip your fingers in water, then you mush, mush, mush to get a proper smokey eye and then cry so you’ve tears of mascara running down. A little brow furrow would be good. I think it’s the tears dropping with black mascara at the bottom would be the most dramatic. Sort of sexy trash but refined, sexy, editorial trash.

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