It is believed that the oldest recipe for “salami” was discovered during excavations of the Greek city of Salamis. But the Italians and the Hungarians dispute the fact of Greek origin, “salami”. In most sources is defined as salami Italian dry-cured sausagesand spices.

Moreover it is known that it was originally produced in the Northern Italian cities, namely Milan and Bologna. In Russia, this sausageand appeared during the reign of Peter the great.

Beef “salami” is an equally shredded pieces of meat and a rather large fat. It large chunks of pork fat (which should ideally be white) it differs from the sausage. While sausagesand varies according to the degree of grinding of ground meat, which happens to be small, medium and large.

The surface of the baton “Salami” is usually covered with a layer of white mould is a Testament to the high quality of the product.

Calorie Salami is 568 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition and the harm Salami

The salami is quite aristocratic and contains very few ingredients: pork, fat, salt and spices. Often, however, may be beef (but it does not say the low quality product).

“Salami” is one of the most calories (as many as 568 kcal) and very fat (53,7) sausages. Therefore, you should not use this kind of sausagess quite often.

Salts in cooking

This kind of sausagess is widely used in cooking. She looks great in appetizers, salads, pizzas. Salami goes well with Italian bread and Mature cheese (e.g. Parmesan).

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