The super simple swaps you can make today to live a plant-based life

The best news is, it’s still possible to indulge on spread, meat, yoghurt, milk and cheese with a few clever substitutes, including Flora’s reformulated spread range, which is 100 per cent plant-based. Hey, who knew nuts and beans could create such a satisfactory replacement for cow’s milk?

Plus, a few bits and bobs from a couple of vegetables, fruits and seeds can conjure up cheese, yoghurt, eggs and even our old pal, meat (welcome jackfruit, you cheeky little chicken fibber).

Adopting a plant-based lifestyle brings about a vast number of health benefits including consuming a lower amount of saturated fats, disease prevention, more energy, balanced weight, better sleep, healthier skin and a longer life.

As more and more people laud the benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle, it’s no real surprise that we have seen an explosion in the number of vegans around.

Simply put, animal produce doesn’t help anyone, two legs or more. We’re finally figuring that out.

Did you know that reducing the amount of animal-based foods you eat is more effective for the environment than recycling, cycling to work or taking a 1-minute shower? You read that right.

So when convincing alternatives let us snack as per usual and help the planet, we can’t help but wonder, why not?

If you’re tempted to live a more plant-based life, here are some simple swaps you can make to help you live a more plant-based life.

Spread this plant-based spread on thick

When we think about the deliciousness of thick, salty butter, our best vegan ambitions melt before our eyes. Lucky for us, Flora has reformulated their range to be 100% plant-based. Have it spread thickly on bread or use it to make homemade cakes, pastries and mash. All those treats slip into vegan territory with a few dollops of this spreadable substitute.

Kinder on the planet, its inhabitants and our waistlines, this plant-based tub weighs in with at least 60% less saturated fat than regular spread. Your tastebuds are in for a treat too.

Follow the best plant-based bloggers on Instagram for lifestyle inspo

Instagram is the new cookbook, so get your fix of glossy, delicious recipes from social media. You could start with So Vegan,

Roxy and Ben are the creators of ‘So Vegan’ – one of the world’s leading vegan recipe channels that we’re officially addicted to. The vegan couple are on a mission to revolutionise the way we think about vegan food with delicious recipes and helpful advice. Be sure to check them out.

Make some edits to your groceries list

Don’t want to eat eggs anymore? Make scrambled tofu and whack it on Flora-drenched toast so you don’t feel left out of the Sunday brunch fry-up at home. Decided to give up meat, but finding it hard? Throw some jackfruit into a stir-fry with coconut milk and spices and see if your tastebuds can even tell it’s not beef or chicken. Add the following to your weekly shopping list: vegan cashew cheese, vegetarian sausages, coconut bacon.

Get well-versed in vegan fashion

Forget your favourite high street leather sandals this summer, vegan footwear is having a major moment. From pineapple-leather slip-ons to recycled rubber courts, increasing numbers of fashion brands are offering animal-friendly alternatives sending shoes of the vegan variety straight to the top of the footwear agenda.

In fact, February saw the very first vegan fashion week take place in Los Angeles, whilst all the coolest Instagram trendsetters have been rocking designs by Budapest-based ‘it’ label, Nanushka.

Last year alone, vegan footwear accounted for 16% of the total UK market and more and more high street stores and brands are adding vegan shoes to their roster so keep an eye out.

Add some vegan beauty buys to your kit

Take a more plant-based approach to your beauty bag and add some vegan cosmetics to your kit. Unsure where to start? Well, a vegan beauty product means it has not been tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients or by-products such as beeswax, honey or milk.

Plus, the less commonly known glycerine, collagen, gelatine or retinol or colours such as cochineal red, which also come from animal by products and sources. The Body Shop and Lush are huge trailblazers in this space so be sure to pop into one of their stores and peruse their incredible offering.

Now you know the simple ways you can lead a more plant-based lifestyle, why not come along and put it into practise at a tasting session with the new and improved Flora? Trust us, it’s delicious.

You can Join our Editor-in-Chief, Deborah Joseph, Giovanna Fletcher (@mrsgifletcher), Elisa (@happyskinkitchen) and Jeanette Fielding (Chief Corporate Affairs and Communications officer at Flora) as they discusses plant-based power over Flora-infused canapes.

The event will take place in Vogue House on Wednesday 29th May from 6pm – 9pm. Tickets to the event are free on Eventbrite, and attendees will take home a goody bag containing the new Flora, plus some recipe cards to kickstart your fully fledged vegan lifestyle.

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