Florida police surprise man in his 80s with new bike after his only mode of transportation is stolen

Robert, a man in his ’80s, gets around Cape Coral, Fla., using his only form of transportation – his bicycle. So when it was stolen from a Winn-Dixie supermarket, two police officers decided to take the matter into their own hands while they investigated the theft.

Cape Coral field training officer Ken Cody and officer trainee Guang Song, upset that Robert was without a trusty bicycle, went to Walmart and bought the man a brand-new bike. The surprise was captured on body camera and shared on Facebook.

The officers helped Robert adjust his seat, as well as showed off his new ride’s features. The cops even gave the man a new bike lock and key, so this time his bike won’t be so easily stolen.

“I’m still going to try and figure out who stole your other bike,” the officer assured Robert.

Two Florida police officers deliver the new bike.

He responded, “I understand these things take time.”

As the officers were leaving, a man standing by the scene said, “You guys are the greatest in the world. I’m almost crying. God bless you.”

Many on social media shared those exact sentiments. “This was so sweet!” one person shared on Facebook. “God Bless these heroes and this sweet man! This got me so emotional! This is exactly what the world needs more of!” Another wrote: “Very, very touching story! We are so lucky to have such kind hearted officers.”

The Cape Coral Police Department is still searching for the person who stole Robert’s bicycle.

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