CK’s Everyone scent that’s designed to appeal to literally everyone

Calvin Klein know a thing or two about creating iconic perfumes. CK One, the brand’s first gender neutral fragrance, created by Alberto Morillas in 1994, became the scent of the 90s.

Synonymous with freedom, rebellion and ambivalence, it captured a generation, selling 20 bottles each second at its peak. But with its progressive stance and inclusive ethos, it feels just as relevant today.

It’s why the brand has given the iconic fragrance a new spin, to resonate with the millennials and Gen Z’s of today “who illustrate the many sides of themselves and redefine boundaries,” says the brand.

The scent itself is still that familiar citrus, but this time, with notes of blue tea and cedarwood to make generate (in theory) a scent that will appeal to everyone. I asked Team GLAMOUR to blind sniff the scent and give me their honest opinion.

CK Everyone, £42 from 100ml

The Reviews:

Deborah Joseph, Editor

I feel like I’ve smelt this before, it’s really familiar. It smells unisex, citrusy and summery. It feels quite young, but I could definitely imagine wearing this if I were 23 or 24.

Anita Bhagwandas, Contributing Beauty Director

This is very Calvin Klein, 90s. It smells citrusy and grapefruity. I think a lot of women would want to smell like this because it’s not too girly.

Dennis Lye, Creative Lead

This gives me CK One, CK Be, 90s vibes. It smells aquatic and quite sweet, but I’d say it smells more masculine than feminine.

Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor

It has citrusy top notes and wood in the base. As far as who could wear this, I think it could work for anyone, it’s what you make of it. It’s giving me Copenhagen-Scandi vibes. It’s cool and relaxed but also quite chic.

James Smithson, Designer

I think it smells nice. It reminds me of when you’ve just got out of the shower at the gym, it’s really fresh. I would wear this as more of a day scent.

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