One of these pearl powders sells every two minutes with customers saying it is banishing their spots over night

Glow Bar’s £26 Pearl powder is currently flying off shelves thanks to its acne-fighting abilities. It’s a nano particle pearl powder which boosts collagen production, evens skin tone and fights the signs of ageing alongside having amazing spot-fighting properties.

One user even said she applied it to a pimple before she went to bed and her spot had pretty much disappeared the next morning.

Here at GLAMOUR HQ, we’re huge advocates of loving the skin you’re in. So if you have acne and you want to embrace it then go for it. Equally, if you want to have a go a tackling it then we totally get it.

We also know how difficult it can be to banish spots. If a targeted spot treatment isn’t quite doing the job, or a moisturiser with triple strength salicylic acid isn’t really working for you, there may be a more natural remedy on offer.

The powder itself has one simple ingredient: pearls. These are levigated, which means they’ve been reduced to a fine powder that’s wild harvested.

There are various ways of ingesting and applying the powder. If you’re wanting to use it externally, simply add a few drops of water and use as a face mask. You can also add it to water, juices, hot drinks or even smoothies. The possibilities just keep on coming.

According to Sasha Sabapathay, founder of Glow Bar, one of these adaptable pearl powders sells every two minutes online and in their London store situated on Mortimer Street.

Glow Bar is a brand typically known for its infrared saunas, but it’s their adaptogen range of powders aiding stress that’s getting attention now.

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