Shoppers are obsessed with this £2.50 ‘brow mascara’

As much as we love our trusty Glossier Boy Brow, Blink Brow Build and Benefit Gimme Brow gel, the time was right for the high street to up the ante with a purse-friendly brow product.

If there’s one beauty hero we’ve been waiting patiently on for a while now, it’s a budget eyebrow gel.

That day has finally arrived, thanks to the Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara, which is giving us major power brows without the expensive price tag.

With a mini bottle and brush for application, the brow gel promises to shape and enhance sparse hairs into full, expressive wonders by way of its “perfect 3-in-1 colour, density and shape”.

Like most brow gels, this product contains tiny fibres that whip any unwanted gaps into shape to reveal beautifully defined eyebrows.

There’s three different tints available too, ranging from light to dark, and dries quickly for a matte finish.

The best part, though, is that this brow gel rings in at just £2.50. In other words, an absolute steal.

Savvy beauty shoppers over on Amazon have been quick to snap up the budget brow gel, with many customers leaving glowing five-star reviews.

One happy customer wrote: “This is insanely good and such a good match for my brow / hair colour (I’m a naturally dark brunette). It’s so natural looking I will never go back to using a brush. It actually gels your brows in shape but didn’t make them look ‘brushed on’ or otherwise unnaturally enhanced.”

Another wrote: “This makes my brows look natural, but still defined. I use this product to fill in sparse spots and to cover up gray hairs on my brows. The lucky bonus is that it’s easy to apply, and if you make a mistake you can easily wipe it off, yet the product once it dries, lasts all day (and even until the next day)… I’m a brow snob, and I will never buy another brand.”

So, while there’ll always be a place in our hearts for our higher-end favourites, we can’t deny we’re happy to see a bargain buy enter the market.

More brow for your money.

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