Royal Wedding White and 13 More Nail Shades You’ll Want This Summer

As you await the arrival of those statement sandals you impulse bought during a 3 a.m. bout with insomnia, you might as well pick up a few polishes to prep your nails. Sure, you could stick with that basic ballerina pink, but why not invest in a new statement color?

From Pink Martini to Cotton Candy Blue, there are colors to match the sweet tastes you’ll be indulging in during rooftop happy hour. Or you could match your nails with your favorite pair of cutoffs via Dior’s new, fun-to-say Blop polish. There’s even an ivory option to celebrate Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s upcoming nuptials (because don’t lie, we know you’re totally waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the event).

Keep reading to see every one!

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