June 21, 2024

Row in here!

Summer and vacation are good, among other things, by the fact that we effortlessly, and even with great pleasure, easily and effortlessly bring ourselves into shape. Light food, mobility and, perhaps, the most important for a Siberian, not spoiled by heat – the opportunity to swim in open water.

In the way swimming affects our health and well-being, which is worth remembering, resting on the beach, and what to avoid, the correspondent of SE.

Bathing on the beach will not strengthen the muscles, but will bring nerves in order

The fact that swimming has a positive effect on our mood is known to everyone, perhaps. We have heard about his health benefits. It is believed that this is one of the safest methods of training for people who have other contraindications. “When swimming, all muscles are involved, but it does not experience an axial load,” reminds the orthopedic doctor Denis Evmenov, 3rd Children’s Hospital. – Therefore, such training without limitations can be recommended in all diseases, including the spine. ”

In water, the body weight of a person decreases by a factor of 10, and the muscles work almost more actively than on land. As a result, even those who did not particularly like to visit the gym the whole winter, as well as people with injuries and future mothers, can train even when swimming.


The pool enjoys special love among the workers of the office front – their backs are usually the most petrified. However, it is really possible to get rid of back pain only by regular classes, and not just one-off trips to the beach or to the pool. “The training effect comes from three or more classes per week. Twice a week – it’s prevention, and expect some development of muscle corset, if you swim once a week, not worth it “, – says the orthopedist.

Another category of swimming apologists is women with excess weight or excess centimeters. They believe that swimming will save them from strategic reserves better than all fitness classes combined. In their expectations there is some truth.

Swimming refers to aerobic exercises, muscles consume the maximum amount of oxygen, which in turn is a direct way to burning calories.

In addition, in the water the body also spends energy on warming. Together, this allows swimming to be considered one of the most energy-intensive sports. With one caveat: if it is really a sport, and not a pleasant splashing with an abundance of friendly chatter in the process.

Nevertheless, after vacation, even in the beach version of it, many women lose weight. They associate their acquired harmony with swimming. Although if you look at the truth in your eyes: how much have we seen on the leave of ladies who arranged sprint swings to buoy and back several times? Because the effect of vacation weight loss experts associated with the change in lifestyle in general: a wonderful effect appears just when we tear off the buttocks from the sofa and chair. But those who, after a leisurely swim, only developed their appetite, are not even threatened with weight loss – the sports doctors again remind: the real workout can be called only that occupation, after which you have no thought of food, but there is a pronounced desire to sleep.

We quench the nerves

With a very skeptical attitude of doctors to swimming in the ordinary sense as a real load, no one denies the cases when swimming brings only benefit without any reservations.

Water affects us tactilely, water procedures irritate certain skin receptors, as a result, there is a calming of the nervous system and a multiple improvement in mood.

In this case, salt water acts more actively due to its rich chemical composition. And the temperature difference between water and ambient air gives the effect of hardening. It is especially useful for children. But not only: women with varicose veins also love water procedures.

The temperature contrast and massage, which produces water, improve the tone of the vascular wall, and therefore swimming is actively recommended by phlebology physicians to prevent and improve the course of the already emerging disease. It is useful not only bathing in itself, but also all kinds of water procedures: unhurried stepping in the water on the ankle or running in the water to the knees, playing a ball or diving for seashells.

Temperature regime

The only stepping out, which doctors insistently recommend to eliminate, are experiments in mountain rivers and other cold water bodies. The covenant does not catch itself, unfortunately, many adult women do not follow.

Gynecologists note that during the holiday season, the number of inflammatory diseases of the female sexual sphere increases. The head of the department of gynecology of the Road Clinical Hospital Lyudmila Daychman indicates that you can get sick at all, not in cold waters, but in the hot southern sun. Subcooling is often formed simply because after bathing the woman has not changed into dry clothes: a wet swimsuit creates the effect of local cooling and sharply increases the chances of getting sick. Therefore, doctors very much advise the ladies for hygienic purposes to have a second swimsuit with them.

By the way, about hygiene: those who were caught on critical days on vacation, unlike our grandmothers, rarely consider this as the reason to stop the bathing and entertaining season, but doctors are more conservative.

According to Lyudmila Daychman, on vacation, especially in a hot country, bacterial vaginosis often occurs in actively bathing women: heat and a sharp change of climate make the body vulnerable, and microorganisms that can live in water absorb the tampon, which is not good for female microflora, and in the period of menstruation – even critical. If you relax within the city’s beaches, a change in climate will not affect the adaptive abilities of the body. But doctors note another point: the water in the rivers is not salty, which means that it is not disinfected naturally, like the sea, and therefore the harmful bacteria live in our water more freely.

A little more moralizing: please, do not forget that bathing in a state of intoxication is very dangerous. Do not aim for water until it warms up – in our latitudes this will only happen by the beginning of July. And in the rest – a pleasant voyage, because since childhood for us there is still a feeling of inexpressible joy: “We go to the river! ”.

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