Rosé Cider Is 2018’s Answer To Pink Drinks

While it’s an undisputed fact that rosé wine is utterly delicious when the warm weather hits (even though it’s not necessarily the healthiest wine), we have firmly believed that there’s room in the millennial pink marketplace for more drink options.

Enter rosé cider, 2018’s answer to all your pink drink-loving questions.

According to the Crispin Rosé cider’s website, the drink “is an elegant blend of apple and pear juice crafted with rose petals and hibiscus.” It has a dusty pink tone and mouth notes described as “Floral rose petals, tender rhubarb, fresh strawberries and honeydew melon.”

Is that poetry, or what? But unlike rosé wine, which has an average alcohol content of 12 percent, the cider punches in at 5 percent.

If you’re wondering what to pair it with, try it with warm weather favorites like watermelon and feta salads, grilled peaches, hard cheeses and salty crackers, sushi, or even a night in with gourmet cookie dough and Netflix. We think this bold pink rosé cider trend may even be one more reason to love brunch.

This rosé cider is currently available in 6-packs for $9.99, and will be served on-tap at select restaurants and nightclubs nationwide as the weather gets warmer, people get thirstier, and pink starts looking even cuter than it normally is (but hello, it’s Princess Charlotte’s favorite color, so it’s always cute).

You can order it online here.

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