Rum is the legendary alcoholic drink made from sugar cane. This drink was very fond of sailors and pirates, colonists and hunters.

There are many types of rum, of different color, beverage strength, flavouring and aging. In addition, the quality of rum depends entirely on its place of production.

Amber or Golden rum has a medium density. It definitely aged in special oak barrels, due to which it gets its beautiful color. The taste of this drink sets off the caramel and spices.

For light, white or as it is often referred to as silver rum is characterized by a strong sweet taste. This drink serves as an indispensable basis for the preparation of delicious cocktails.

Dark or black rum is aged in oak, well-charred barrels. And, accordingly, the taste of him is strong enough, there are notes of caramel, spices and a hint of molasses.

Caloric content of rum is 220 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of rum

Initially strong rum was used as a panacea against disease, which had suffered by the inhabitants of the tropics. In addition, the rum is rich in sodium and calcium.

However, remember that alcohol and its consumption should be in moderation and not every day.

The use of rum in cooking

Flavored rum is used not only as a strong alcoholic beverage but also as a basic ingredient for preparing different cocktails, and rum is a great aromatic addition to coffee, cakes or candies. Moreover, this drink is added to various meat marinades, and even use canned fruit.

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