June 21, 2024

Rochelle Humes on expecting a baby boy and her lockdown pregnancy

“You’repregnant, you go into lockdown, all this stuff is happening, how on earth have you navigated that rollercoaster? ” we asked, to which Rochelle replied: “Obviously, it’s a really tricky time, it’s horrible for so many reasons” but “finding the light, I’ve loved nothing more than to be with my husband and my kids, and just eating galore, sitting on the sofa, and not having to worry that I’ve got to be up for work tomorrow. ”

It looks like hun Rochelle Humes is kinda loving lockdown.

Speaking to GLAMOUR’S Entertainment Director, Josh Smith, during our new Happy Hour – our weekly Instagram Live chat show which airs on @glamouruk every Tuesday at 7pm – the always-happy presenter/beauty mogal/author confessed that she’s enjoying her new-normal life RN.

Rochelle told us, “I’ve never done pregnancy and chill. With Alaia, everyone was like, “What are you doing tomorrow? ” I’m like, ‘Having a baby. What are you doing? ’ I was literally working til the very end. Same with Vally. So yeah, it’s actually been quite weirdly nice, just to be home and to enjoy it a little bit. I think the weather has helped ridiculously, right? ”

“I’ve also told my agent, “If you honeys think I’m coming into town for a meeting again, you lot are nuts. ” Now I’ve discovered Zoom, I’m Zooming in every meeting. I’m like, for future reference, this has made me very lazy. ”

Rochelle revealed the extra time at home has been a blessing for work. “It’s been easier to wear all the hats at the minute, because I’ve actually had solid focused time on things, we’ve got lots of new launches this year that I’m really excited about. But it would normally mean that I’m here in the morning, and then I’ve got this with the school, and then I’m hosting something. So I’d be doing it, but it would be a pressure. But at the minute, I’ve really dedicated time to that, so I’ve found that really nice, to be 100% committed just to that. ”

The presenter also spoke about how motherhood had given her whole new appreciation for her mum.

“I really do not know how she did it by herself, I really don’t. I know it was financially tough for her, when she had me, my mum and I were in a hostel for quite a while. I’m so proud of her in so many ways, she was a hairdresser part-time and trying to make everything meet.

Then when we got a bit older, only teenagers, she decided that she wanted to be a paramedic, and then went to college and did the whole thing. I honestly do not know. She was made of different stuff to me. But then I think, a lot of that she has passed on to me, with my work ethic. ”

And how have her two children reacted to her pregnancy news?

“My youngest changes her mind about whether she wants another sibling daily, let alone a brother but my eldest is so excited, beyond… she’s all over me constantly. I can’t move without her going, ‘Is my baby brother okay today? ’ Or, ‘Do you want me to rub your feet, mummy? ’ I feel like it’s going to be brilliant. Come October, I’m going to have a babysitter already trained up. I might hit the town, honey. ”

And how are she and Marvin feeling about having a boy?

“I think we just thought we were girl parents. I had Marvin down as a girl dad. He’s such a good girl dad. And that’s what we know, we know girls. I’ve got a lot of nephews. I’m a bit scared about the willy thing, that there’s going to be a willy there.

I need some lessons. I’ve said to all of my aunts and stuff, I’m like, ‘I promise you, I don’t know what I’m doing. ’ I’ve actually never changed a boy nappy before…I’m scared. I heard when you change the nappy and it hits the air, it just wees at you. ”

Better get practising, babe!

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