The world’s first reusable manicure has launched

Static Nails claim to have developed the first-ever reusable manicure. They are selling a range of slip-on lacquered nails that stay on for up to 18 days and can be used again and again.

You simply choose how much of their specially-formulated glue to use: a little to make them stay put for a day, considerably more to keep them on a few weeks.

Could this be the lowest maintenance manicure of all time?

As The Sun reports, they’re especially good for anyone who’s ever damaged their nails removing acrylics and they promise not to leave any residue, peel off your natural nails or get stuck.

They look elegant but surprisingly natural.

As they explain on the Static Nails website: “Static Nails’ Non-Damaging Glue gives you the luxury of choosing your own wear time. The amount applied determines how long the nails will stay on, for example, a day, a week, up to 18 days and everything in-between.

As long as the nails are not forced removed you will have zero damage or glue residue left over. It’s our own formula which bonds like an acrylic but dissolves as you wear it. The more glue, the longer the nails stay on. After a few days, the glue starts to break down leaving no damage or glue residue.”

Sounds like an ingenious invention to us.

They’re allegedly hardy, too. One customer said: “They stay on through laundry, gardening, cleaning, doing dishes and exercising. They last me weeks.” Another, who has used over 60 sets of Static Nails, said: “I’m super rough on my hands but these have never failed me.”

They look chic, too. Look at these embellished, pearly ones.

And these absolute classics, which are in Crème Brûlée Liquid Glass Lacquer.

They come in Caviar Black for a more dramatic look.

Or you can get an instant French manicure.

They’re all slick, easy to apply and totally reusable.

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