I tried the world’s first ‘Foundcealer’ and totally loved it

Bold colours, playful packaging and big results, there’s no denying that we all love a slice of Tarte. Plus, Tarte’s range of makeup and skincare products are all formulated without any ‘nasties’ (like parabens, SLS and mineral oil) and they also offer lots of vegan-friendly formulas, too, meaning everyone can join in the fun.

Tarte’s Face Tape Foundation has garnered a cult following for its incredible coverage with an almost undetectable finish, so it’s hard to know how this new addition to the foundation family will fit in…

THE PRODUCT. Foundcealer Multi-tasking Foundation, £33, Tarte


Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor


I love a full coverage foundation and am a loyal Estee Lauder Doublewear fan girl but am open to giving anything a fair chance. While I rely on the full coverage to cover up dark circles and any breakouts, I also hate the idea of looking caked in makeup, and have recently starting mixing my foundation with serums in the search for that elusive sweet spot between glow and good coverage.
(if it even exists).


I don’t know about you but the name Foundcealer has me picturing gloopy, cakey concealer smeared on as if it were foundation. I was wrong, namely because it is not, as the name suggest, a hybrid between foundation and concealer. No, no – apparently it’s a medium to light coverage foundation with skincare benefits. Eh?

Confusion aside, it provides buildable coverage and also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and titular babassu, a “superbalm” with nourishing and soothing qualities. Could this be the answer to my glow/ coverage conundrum?

I easily found my shade (it comes in 30 options) as it was the first one I picked up – it was fate. It went on like a dewy dream – I layered it up into full coverage and it easily covered my impressive under eye bags instantly as well as lifting the dullness of sleep deprivation and hiding the hormonal blemishes along my jawline.

Four hours later and it’s still going strong. It hasn’t slid off or made my skin look oily – something I have found occurs with many of the lighter options – and I have no doubt that this foundation is coming straight home with me this evening. I still have no clue why it’s called Foundcealer though.

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