Meghan Markle and Beyonce’s favourite lash brand just launched in Boots

Both Meghan and Beyoncé swear by Velour Lashes; in fact, Meghan even wore them on her wedding day.

What do Meghan Markle and Beyoncé have in common? Aside from fame, fortune and ridiculously covetable wardrobes, the iconic duo share a penchant for false lashes.

So what’s all the hype about? Velour lashes are ethically-sourced, 100% cruelty-free ‘faux lashes for real life’ made from faux mink and synthetic silk materials on a flexible cotton thread band, designed to be perfect for those who are nervous to apply, and comfortable enough to wear every day, with each pair of lashes lasting 20 (!) wears.

After major success in the US, the celebrity-loved lashes have just launched at Boots in the UK.

Priced at around £24, the brand offers a variety of different lash lengths depending on the occasion – and the reviews are super positive.

“I absolutely love these lashes,” raved one reviewer about The Velour Effortless Would I Lie lashes. “They are not only natural to wear on a day to day basis but they really bring out my eyes. I use to never really wear lashes but I decided to try these ones out and I’ve gotten so many compliments! They are light, effortless and so easy to put on it’s a part of my daily morning routine. I have worn these lashes over 15 times now and it was definitely worth the price. I am planning to buy a couple more for my family and friends.”

Another beauty buff said she’d become a lash convert after trialling the brand, writing: “I love the Effortless collection! Would I Lie? is my favourite pair – it’s the pair that converted me into someone who wears lashes every day now. These are the most flattering, natural-looking, easy to wear lashes. I’ve literally had people ask if my lashes were real! Makes me feel so good!”

So, whether you’re a first-time lash wearer or the ‘naked without my lashes’ kind, Velour seems like a good port of call for all your lash needs. We’ve also rounded up the best false eyelashes in our definitive guide. As for application tips, why not try this viral spoolie hack for making your false eyelashes even more natural?

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