This amazing new period poverty campaign made men PAY for toilet paper

They have partnered with the creative agency Huge to create a money-operated toilet-roll dispenser, which they put in men’s cubicles and made a hilarious vital video.

It highlights just now mad it is that women have to pay for such an essential product. Imagine having to pay for loo roll? Now you don’t have to…

We’ve fought to end Tampon Tax, but the misconception that period products are somehow a “luxury” still lingers.

It’s why a brilliant, funny and powerful campaign was launched in the states by the non profit organisation, PERIOD, to raise crucial awareness of the need for free tampons and pads in public bathrooms.

“Last year, we built Hooha, a smart tampon dispenser you can text for a free tampon, which helped start a conversation about tampon accessibility in public restrooms. This year, we wanted to drive the point home, so we partnered with PERIOD to recreate the experience of what it feels like when you’re asked to pay for a basic human need with an obsolete form of payment,” said Steph Loffredo, Hooha founder and associate director of social marketing at Huge.

The video launch comes with a social media challenge encouraging users to join the conversation and address the need for free period products in all public bathrooms. Want to get involved? Share a bathroom selfie calling out schools, workplaces, and businesses where period products are not offered as a way to address the problem and demand change. Tag the location, #FreeThePeriod, and @periodmovement in your posts.

The fight for addressing the wrongs of period poverty is not over yet. And, as this great video shows, its time to get men involved too…

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