Rings, money, two tables

Maybe the grooms from Eastern Nigeria do not really like this rite, nevertheless, the relatives of the future wife before the wedding meet and beat him with sticks, checking the ability to withstand difficulties.

It is likely that the Russian grooms are also not very nice to gallop to the bride through the stairs and make their way through the paper jungle arranged by the brisk girlfriends of the future wife. But traditions and rituals are invariable companions of an event such as a wedding.

She learned about the customs that girls of the 21st century observe when marrying.

Novosibirsk newlyweds refuse bride’s ransom, preferring firing of pistols

Good for your health

Any society, whether Nigerians or Siberians, develop their own system of programs of behavior is a completely natural process – thereby they try to preserve their integrity. Rigidity of the ritual program, according to Natalia Churkina, assistant professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Anthropology of the NSTU, teacher of the regional educational and methodological center “Family”, ensures the successful passage of the most stressful points of the person’s life cycle, including marriage: “Many researchers note the psychotherapeutic effect rite.

The rite allows you to make any team as closely connected as possible, it guides people to uniform behavior, which promotes social unity. ” But if earlier to evade the rite or close your eyes to a bad sign from above it was impossible, since it was associated with a religious cult,

“In today’s society, adherence will take – basically a tribute to fashion,” Natalia Churkina continues. – Although in the past, following the signs was extremely important. The choice was made not by the person himself, but, as it were, from outside, by some kind of supernatural forces.

Man only followed the strategy of behavior to which he was indicated by signs or results of fortune-telling. At the same time, responsibility for the choice was shifted to the force that prompted him. “

Thus, following the signs of the outside world in choosing a particular strategy liberated a person from the fluctuations and discomfort that necessarily accompanied the personal, internal choice. Following the rituals, according to experts, at times seeming oddball and irrationality performed and performs a serious function – it keeps the balance and helps to endure the life troubles.

To find out what rites are observed by modern newlyweds, the SHE correspondent appealed to representatives of wedding agencies, who daily face the wishes of whimsical customers.

To the village, to my aunt

According to wedding organizers, Novosibirskians increasingly prefer new styles and directions to old rituals. “Over the last summer-autumn season, a traditional wedding was claimed for 30 percent, and 70 for a wedding according to an individual scenario,” Anna Shmakova, executive art director of the holiday agency “Celebratory Trouble”, shares her observations. “The people are now actively withdrawing from traditional weddings,” agrees Anna Popova, “The Wedding Conductor.” – On the traditional, ritual, there is an opinion that this is not fun, but somehow rude and ugly.

People want European beauty, all have seen enough films with exit registrations, when the marriage takes place in nature.

Among my customers, a wedding without an exit registration is more likely an exception. ” According to Anna Popova, mainly outside the Novosibirsk region do not leave, except that in Altai, holiday homes enjoying a large adjacent territory are popular. It is difficult to name the exact price of the pleasure to register outside the registry office, it depends on the place chosen – whether it is a lawn near a cottage or a bridge across the Katun River, how much rent will it cost, will equipment be required. Therefore, the run-up of prices is big – on average from 15 to 80 thousand (unless, of course, you are planning to invite the star of Maxim Galkin’s scale for your wedding, which is rare, but it happens).

New Chicago

“He was called” Siberian Chicago “, but so it is called funny and sinful! Do you compare it with the city-miser, where the dollar and death have become friends for a long time? “- indignant Siberian poet Kazimir Lisovsky, arguing that our city is” a builder and warrior, worker, scientist, artist, poet. ”

Nevertheless, according to the organizers, far from the lyrics, the gangster theme enjoys special love among the local newlyweds. 

As for the choice of style, apparently, the local climate affects – and in addition to romantic bandit stories, newlyweds often use the theme of warm edges. “If they make a themed wedding, they choose a colorful theme, and there are not so many of them: a maritime theme, Hawaiian, Greek, Italian, in the style of some films – for example, in the style of Shurik’s Adventures,” says Anna Popova.

“Making a wedding is not like everyone else’s – it sounds from the lips of every client,” says Evgenia Petrova, head of the Dominanta workshop. “But since finance is often a deterrent, it’s not” like everyone else “that does not work out.” In addition, the love of exoticism can cause misunderstanding of the older generation. “At the European wedding tables should not be the letter P,” Yevgeny Petrov gives an example. – And if we put tables differently – not to put everyone together, it will cause questions. The congratulations were divided into blocks, they were put in the wrong order, as was done at the traditional wedding, and people ask: when will the collection of gifts be, and where will the contests be when they shout “bitterly?”.

On average, the development of the thematic wedding scenario is two to two and a half times more expensive than usual (1000 rubles against 2500 rubles in the agency “Celebratory Trouble”). However, according to Anna Popova, in general, the cost of a themed wedding is not much different from the cost of an ordinary wedding – especially if guests will help with costumes and props.

Angels and pizza

All the organizers unanimously declare that the modern newlyweds refuse from the toastmaster in favor of the host. “The host and the toastmaster become different concepts,” says Evgenia Petrova. – The presenter does not solder the public, does not give diplomas, does not read a large number of poems learned from the books “To help the toastmaster”, the guests say, he only leads them to this. ”

To amuse and surprise guests, according to Olga Chivichilova, director of the agency “Star Celebration”, the newlyweds are invited by angels on stilts that protect the happiness of the young, and show a sand show – a story of acquaintance, made in the form of pictures of sand that are projected onto the screen, will cost about 15 thousand rubles. “People are trying to use a variety of multimedia, interactive technologies, they are spectacular and very popular,” confirms the words of colleague Anna Shmakova.

As for the theft of the bride and other rites present at the wedding, they change their form. “The same theft of the bride and the loaf can be stylized,” Anna Popova shares her experience. – If this is an Italian wedding, then instead of a loaf, you can use pizza. Rituals can be played in different ways – they do not refuse such things. “

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