Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips gets candid about trolling, cosmetic treatments

The show’s viewers don’t shy away from commenting on some of the cast’s augmented bodies; just look at the trolling Megan Barton Hanson faced after pre-surgery pictures went viral.

Much like quirky catchphrases and the iconic water bottle, plastic surgery has long been synonymous with Love Island. It is what it is.

Try as we might to deny it, there has long been an unfair assumed correlation between plastic surgery and intelligence. The nation are quick to assume that anyone who has emulated the Kardashian/Jenner physique via a few tweakments has a low IQ, yet enquiries for cosmetic treatments soared to vertiginous heights after the show aired last summer.

As firm advocates that it’s your body and your rules, GLAMOUR maintains that if you want cosmetic treatments then you do you; just make an informed decision with a respected professional. One of this year’s islanders shares our mindset. Meet Shaughna Phillips, 25, a democratic services officer from London who is loud and proud about her penchant for tweakments.

GLAMOUR jetted out to Cape Town to grill the new islanders before they entered the villa and here’s what Shaughna had to say about cosmetic treatments, combining beauty and brains and her mum will keep her grounded with her newfound fame on TV’s most talked about show…

Her refreshingly candid attitude towards cosmetic treatments

“I’ve been having my lips done for a few years now so that wasn’t Love Island orientated. I think it’s something harmless to the extent it’s not going to kill you; if you want it done and you’re of the age to, then why not? It’s not permanent. I had my boobs uplifted – not implants, but had them shoved up – and that was due to the weight loss. My mum had better boobs than me and she’s had two kids! I had such big boobs before that it was literally like nothing.

When I had them done, my surgeon said he’s not going to give me implants, I’ve got to go somewhere else if I want them, so I was like, ‘you sound like a good guy, I’m going with you’. I had them uplifted, then I suppose other than that I’ve had a few tweaks. I’ve had my laughter lines filled, but I feel that’s a bit of a compliment because it means you laugh a lot.”

Her musings on body image and social media

“I watched what I was eating over Christmas and wasn’t bingeing on everything. Being sat surrounded by beautiful girls is going to be a little but scary, but I’m confident and I know, no matter who they are, there’s going to be prettier, slimmer girls in the world. That’s not a new thing to me, so you just have to be comfortable in yourself, and know your own self.

I am definitely worried about what will appear on social media. My coping mechanism is just don’t look, because you look for things that aren’t nice for some reason – I don’t know why we do that. You look for something that is going to upset you.

I’m going to try not to and I’ve started filtering bad words already and told my friends to keep on top of that. I’m going to try not to get too carried away with it. I think people can write the nastiest things but they don’t know me, and if they’ve taken their time to do that, then they’ve got other issues they need to address.”

How her mum will keep her grounded with her newfound fame

“My mum will keep me grounded. She will be like, ‘you ain’t made your bed love, and you ain’t leaving this house until you do’. I have a close set of friends and a good support system around me. I also don’t know how to prepare for something like that so I don’t want to overthink it too much, just take what happens in my stride.

Beauty and brains: Her ambitions to become Love Island’s first-ever MP

In my job I help support the councillors in Lambeth. Before that, I had a job in the fire safety team that was put together two weeks after Grenfell Tower. It was hitting the ground running as there was so much to do, so it was like a project and I loved, loved, loved it. ”

“I definitely want to maybe get into some kind of politics after the show. I just like helping people and I want to do as much as I can to help people. For me, it’s not really about how much a job pays you, because it’s about helping people. I know that’s cliché and embarrassing, but the job I was in before in the fire safety team, the job previous to that was more money, so… I got a better feeling out of the fire safety team. For me, it’s all about helping people.”

Move over, Boris.

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