April 17, 2024

Rihanna’s Fenty is praised for using body-diverse mannequins

Thankfully, the tide is slowly starting to turn as brands are gradually becoming more body diverse in their advertising.

For far too long, mannequins in clothing shops have been completely unrepresentative of real women’s bodies. In fact, the average mannequin measuring around 6ft tall, with a 34in bust, 24in waist, and 34in hips, according to The Guardian. It’s a shocking state of affairs.

Indeed, most recently Nike’s new Women’s floor at its NikeTown London flagship store seriously impressed shoppers with its plus-size and para-sport mannequins.

Quite rightfully celebrating diversity and inclusivity in sport, the space quickly went viral, with shoppers praising the brand on social media for its diverse offering.

Following Nike’s lead is Rihanna’s clothing brand, Fenty, which is being lauded on social media for its latest mannequin on display.

Fans have noted that Rihanna’s mannequins depict the singer’s own ‘curvy’ and ‘realistic’ body. “I finally feel seen,” wrote one shopper.

The launch of her fashion range sits alongside her lingerie collection, Savage x Fenty, which complements a variety of shades and shapes and aims to celebrate fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity. “We want to make people look good and feel good,” said Rihanna, who approaches Savage X with the same mentality she does all her projects – to make something new and fresh that everyone can relate to and feel confident in. “We want you to feel sexy and have fun doing it. ”

Rihanna has a deserving reputation for being completely inclusive and as any beauty buff will know, her Fenty Beauty range was the first makeup collection to offer a hugely diverse range of shades.

Fenty Beauty can really do no wrong in our eyes. From the mega pigments, to the inclusive range of shades, Fenty Beauty is a truly modern makeup range, and the fact that RiRi is fronting the whole show makes it that much more special.

It seems that the star’s fashion collection is heading for the same level of success and we truly hope other designers take note. Bravo, Rihanna!

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