May 24, 2024

Rihanna Style & Fashion Evolution

Her professional career has seen her try out some pretty epic looks, but Rihanna’s personal style is one that we forever dream of emulating. The girl can make quite literally anything look good. FACT. But have you ever wondered what her secret is?

As we’re sure she’d admit herself, the answer is very simple. She doesn’t care what we think.

If Rihanna wants to wear a satsuma orange mini dress, she will.

If Rihanna wants to clash her bright red hair with a purple jumper, coral trousers and metallic gold shoes, she will.

If Rihanna wants to wear a canary yellow Guo Pei gown with such a dramatically spherical sweeping cape to the Met Gala and confidently laugh off the omelette/pizza/Spongebob memes that surface almost immediately, guess what? She will, and she did.

But it’s not just her high end red carpet looks that have catapulted her sartorial reputation, she’s just as fearless when it comes to her off-duty wardrobe too.

Whether she’s wearing nothing more than a baggy t-shirt and tights, a classic denim mini skirt and shirt, or even a full camo puffer look — Rihanna nails it in the wardrobe department every time she puts an outfit on in the morning. And the sole reason for that is her confidence to wear whatever she likes, regardless of trends and the media scrutiny of her ‘fluctuating body type’ (which she honestly and refreshingly described in an interview with The Cut as a ‘pleasure’).

Making her red carpet return last night, Rihanna shocked fans as she finally made her red carpet return mere moments after announcing her long-awaited return to music.

Wearing a khaki green Rick Owens gown from the designer’s autumn/winter 2022 collection, she added a little extra drama via a pair of opera gloves, heavly-tousled hair and pointed sandals which exposed the most perfect white pedicure we’ve ever seen. Ahh, we’ve missed you, Rih.

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