Rihanna Is Launching Something Called ‘Body Lava’ for Fenty Beauty

On Monday, Rihanna herself took to her own Instagram stories to share a first look at the new drop of products, amazingly dubbed the “Beach Please” collection, which will be available on April 6.

The range is all about bringing back the body shimmer that ruled the early 2000s: It includes Body Lava – a glimmery liquid highlighter intended for the body, which will come in at least two shades (but if we know Fenty Beauty, itll be way more) – a blending brush and something called a “Fairy Bomb,” which is a fuzzy, spherical makeup pouf stuffed with highlighter pigments that can be dusted just about anywhere.

Finally, some good news: Theres some shimmery newness coming from Fenty Beauty this spring. Lots of it, in fact. Starting with a matte, shine-free finish (courtesy of the brands Pro Filtr foundation) and then layering tons of highlighter over top has been the Fenty Beauty M.O. since its launch last year.

Now the brand is expanding this philosophy to the realm of body makeup, with the introduction of glimmery body cosmetics that supposedly make your skin look so good youll wonder, “Who needs clothes?”

While additional details about the new products are not yet available, its safe to say that RiRi is quite excited about this new, shimmer-packed bounty. Like all of her Fenty Beauty offerings, theyre items she actually uses herself; according to one of her Insta Stories captions, her own bottles of the Body Lava are already “almost empty.”

Heres a clip of what the Body Lava looks like going on, re-posted to the Fenty Beauty Instagram feed with the caption “#WHONEEDSCLOTHES”:

If the concept of a Body Lava (how good is that name?) doesnt intrigue you, maybe the Fairy Bomb (again, what a name!) will be more your speed. Judging from the footage on Rihannas Instagram Stories, the Fairy Bomb is a grapefruit-size puff ball that looks insanely fun to use:

Rihanna with the forthcoming Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb.

According to Rihannas own Instagram Stories captions, her recommended method of application is both simple and familiar: “Puff, puff, pass,” she writes, as on-brand as ever.

Well be sure to keep this post updated as soon as additional information on shade range and pricing is made available, but in the meantime, weve set a calendar alert for April 6 – and suggest you do the same if you want to get your hands on Rihanna-approved body shimmer.

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