May 19, 2024

Rihanna Has A Doppelgänger, And The Similarity Between Them Is Scary

Our bad gal Rihanna is one a of a kind, now doubt – but another badass performer is touring the world looking VERY similar to her, and we’re freaking out.

Rose Cohen has been blowing TikTok and Instagram user’s minds with her INSANE likeness to RiRi. She tours Europe, Latin America, Central America and UAE giving some serious RiRi energy – and living the dream.

Her Instagram bio reads: “I pay homage to my idol with great respect, following and loving her work. ”

On a recent TikTok of Rose busting her moves to legendary Rihanna track Please Don’t Stop The Music, fans have been pouring in support and pure adulation at her likeness to the star.

“Wooooow amazing you left me speechless, Rihanna vibes,” one posted, while another joked: “Riri your dad gave you a sister and didn’t tell you”. Another posted: “at this point Riri getting free great advertising”.

According to her website, Rose has been a Rihanna impersonator for 10 years, starting her career in Brazil “with the simple intention of paying homage to the Barbadian pop Diva. ”

Her life story continues: «After presenting her work to members of Rihanna’s team in 2014, Rose Cohen sought to reach new horizons and made her first European tour in 2015, and with the recognition of the singer’s fans, she was expanding her work.

“Currently, Rose Cohen is regarded as Rihanna’s International Impersonator and travels the world honouring her idol and sharing her love for the singer with other fans. ”

In other Rihanna-related news, we can look forward to a brand new track from our icon TOMORROW, according to the woman herself.

She tweeted a preview of the single with the caption and teased title: “lift me up 10. 28. 22,” confirming that it will be released on 28 October, AKA today. Have you listened yet? !

We also have reason to believe that Rihanna has recorded two songs that will be featured on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which hits cinemas on next month.

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