Retail worker gets revenge on rude customer who demanded discount on 50 CENT X-mas ornament

When you work in retail, you have to deal with a lot of shitty customers. But when a middle-aged woman with that very specific “let me talk to the manager” haircut gets out of her Lexus and walks through the sliding doors during peak holiday shopping hours, expired coupons spilling out of her COACH handbag, you know you’re about to square off with a genuine Grinch.

The real Grinch had that haircut, too, and it is not a coincidence.

But this particular suburban Suess character, who I guarantee was either named Susan or Nancy*, was being an extra special ray of sunshine, demanding a discount for a 50 cent Christmas tree ornament. You read that correctly: 50 CENTS. Retail worker Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf enacted the sweetest revenge on the shopper, and if you think she went too far, then quit being a Nancy*

*my beautiful mother is named Nancy and mom, if you’re reading this, you know I’m grateful for when you convinced Kohl’s to let us return those boots last year.

Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf

The ornament in question

Via Bored Panda

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