Restrictions in food drive girls to a fatal mental disorder

Fear of gaining weight is one of the most serious contemporary women’s fears. And this applies not only to models or dancers who, as Maya Plisetskaya used to say, watch their weight not artfully, but cruelly: “We do not sit prisoner.” 

Women can look quite normal and even, often, thin. Last long and fastidiously picking in a vegetable salad without oil, pushing it aside, sighing that there is no appetite, and looking for scales – suddenly appeared an extra one hundred grams.

What is anorexia nervosa is the most deadly mental illness, “learned the correspondent of SE.

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Help:Anorexia (anorexia, from the Greek an – non-, without- and orexis – desire to eat, appetite) is a psychopathological syndrome expressed in an obsessive desire to lose weight, which is realized with the help of a diet or a complete refusal to eat. (Encyclopedia of Sociology)

For the first time the case of anorexia nervosa was noted in 1873, but its symptoms, judging by various sources, were observed much earlier. During the Second World War, exhaustion from both forced malnutrition and nerves has become commonplace, but hard times have passed, and painful leanness does not exist. The majority (90-95%) of those suffering from anorexia are girls under 24 years old. Now, according to the observations of American doctors, there are one anorexic patient per hundred girls, as for Russia, the situation here is disappointing: “In recent years, we have surpassed the United States in the number of cases of depression,” states Tatyana Koroleva, a psychotherapist at the Insight Clinic. “And although we do not have objective statistics on anorexia – it is usually addressed to specialists at the very last stage, I think that we are not lagging behind the general statistics – one for a hundred girls.”

Unexpected ideal

Why does this happen? As in the time of the Renaissance, they were admired with magnificent bodies, so in our time the cult of the body exists at the level of idolatry. True, already another body is bad. Why did the lean body become the object of lust? There are several versions, one of which is that fashion designers now define fashion, and they prefer to sew clothes to very thin ones, without the expressed secondary female features of the figure only because they are easier to sew on and with the role of the hanger they cope better than, for example, a lady with the forms of Monica Bellucci.

In any case, those who were not called to be an icon of beauty and even more a standard – the profession obliges to have a special physical form, suddenly became a model for imitation of ordinary people.

Excellence complex

But media-imposed standards are still an external condition with which women with inner strength can easily cope. It is much more difficult for those who are pressured by their own psychological problems more than the 25th frame. “The root of all ills – in childhood, is how the child was brought up,” says the psychotherapist Tatyana Koroleva. –

Nutrition, as a rule, happens in girls who grew up in socially successful, well-off families, where there is a “food cult” or a lot is said about the need to limit oneself in food, completeness is associated with rudeness, inefficiency. “

The vast majority of anorexic patients are girls with morbid self-esteem, self-doubt, an excellent student’s syndrome, an idealist and a perfectionist. Once they find a source of potential ridicule over themselves – a mythical overweight, they completely begin to depend on it.

The desire to lose weight, achieving record results – one of the manifestations of complexes, with the same zeal they, for example, follow the sterile cleanliness in the house, do not sleep at night for the sake of fives or when doing work. Although these qualities are in themselves good, but if they are superimposed on a painful basis, reinforced by external stimuli – be a trouble. But are all those who want to lose weight – potential anorexic drugs?

Watch carefully!

Of course, no – many ladies really need to lose a couple of kilograms, excess weight is a matter not only of aesthetics, but also of health. The normal weight is one in which the girl is physically physically well, and the question of the norm is not always measured in standard kilograms – a person with broad, massive bones will always weigh more than the same tonkost bone. But still, in order to be easier to navigate, the standard weight is considered to be growth minus 110 or 105 depending on the addition. That is, if a girl height of 170 cm weighs 60-65 kg, this is just normal – not a little, but not much. The overwhelming majority of slimming people should stop, having reached this figure. But here, then, the psychological disposition to self-torture triggers – after seeing the results, the woman continues to move on, setting new goals. And here weight loss is regarded as an achievement, a set – as insufficient self-control. At what stage of weight loss need to sound an alarm?

“Although now the standard formulas do not already work with dietary formulas, approaching each person individually, in principle, about exhaustion can be said when 15% of the normal weight is lost,

” says Olesya Shorina, an expert in the correction of the figure of the Center for Beauty and Health “Sante Estetic” . – The fact is that beyond this side somatic problems can begin: heart disease, gastrointestinal tract, changes in blood composition, hair begins to fall out, skin is flaky, fatigue appears, hormonal failure occurs. ” The latter is very serious – with a large loss of weight, menstruation disappears.

So, you can suspect the first signs of anorexia in yourself if:

• amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) is fixed for 3 months;
• The absence of menstruation is observed against a background of constant weight loss, general malaise, deterioration of the quality of the skin, hair, nails;
• Counting calories becomes the main “headache”, eclipsing other problems;
• the need to be weighed appears daily and even several times a day;

• The critic has disappeared to his behavior, but the criticism to the body is constantly growing.

The last problem is especially important to pay attention to others – a person who is in a state of anorexia nervosa, refuses to admit that he is sick.

It will be difficult

If all these symptoms do not scare a girl who is very happy that she has ribs visible and nowhere is there a drop of “this terrible fat,” then let her for a moment realize that anorexia is the most deadly of all psychiatric disorders.

According to the RAMS Nutrition Clinic, in 10% of cases the disease leads to death.

Most often, in the stage of catechesis (exhaustion), girls are hospitalized, put a dropper for artificial – parenteral (a medical term often found in anorexia communities) – nutrition, and if it survives, then the recovery of the body can drag on for many years.

And finally – to excite the appetite – a case from psychotherapeutic practice, told by Tatyana Koroleva: a group of men at the poll all reported that they prefer tall, thin blondes, but they also hypnotized admitted that their height and weight are not important to them – most importantly, to have a big chest and hips. Love your body!

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