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A girl from the cover has long been able to become any. At least, in order to feel like it, you no longer need to be a model, to possess cosmic sums or complex schemes of bed connections.

Ordering yourself a professional photo shoot is now the same common way to treat yourself to a loved one, like shopping or going to a spa salon.With the rapid development of social networks, every girl felt like a model, gaining some publicity, let not on the covers, but at least on avatars.

“VKontakte” and “Classmates” woke up the dozing before that in gentle female souls feeling of their own beautiful. How much does a photo session for an avatar, and also how and why the girls are photographed, the correspondent of SHE understood.

Photo studios are experiencing a boom in women’s demand for candid shootings for social networks

Once, to get only one frame, it was necessary to sit for half an hour without moving in front of the lens. These were the times of the daguerreotypes, when there were no trial frames, and instead of the film there were a copper plate, silver, iodine and mercury. People were then photographed two or three times in their entire life, and then if they were lucky enough to be born in a noble or simply very wealthy family. It seems like an incredible fantasy now – when art photo sessions on social networks even cashiers post at least several times a year.

Glamor against wallpaper

The times of fine family photographs – when on Sunday the family corrected the tie on my father, on his mother Khimki, and on the daughter of the bow and went to the photo studio to make a frame, sitting on chairs or, as an option, with a stuffed lynx or bear on a green background, – are a thing of the past .

Now the glamor is deeply ingrained, even in everyday photography: on the photo with the signature “With Grandmother for Cranberries,” we increasingly see a young lady arched in the posture of a seasoned stripper, next to the old woman who is in a happy ignorance. However, the sexuality that is against the backdrop of my grandmother, which on an even more common background of wallpaper, you will agree, is somewhat lost.

With the arrival of broad masses in social networks, the nation faced a morally justified need to combat wallpaper photos.

“It’s high time to arrange a photo session for yourself, you need to finally post a normal avatar on” Odnoklassniki “place!” – somehow the chief accountant of a small company, a lady for forty, said. What can we say about the virgins of the young, before whom they always melt, not allowing them to live quietly, covers of glossy magazines and clips of domestic and foreign stage.

Why are you, girls? ..

According to the photographers, the most frequent of their clients, except for the flurry of weddings in the summer, are young unmarried young ladies from 15 to 30 years old. “The girls say that they go to the photo session to: a) have fun (” make yourself pleasant “) and positive emotions; b) get feedback on yourself, your behavior; c) get rid of psychological complexes, “- says photographer Vitaly Vetrov. Not always, even the girls themselves are aware of why they need it, but if you drop the root causes (assert yourself, look at yourself with a new look), the most popular reason is obvious. “I see that they want a good portrait on the avatar, because they will put my photo on their own, so the girlfriends begin to sign up for the session,” the photographer Leonid Moskvichev told.

“I have no illusions that I’m a model, I just like, for example, dressing up in a way that is not customary in everyday life,” says Zoya, a public relations specialist, 24 years old. – I had a photo shoot in the style of a pin-up: lush panties in a ryushechku, a fancy hairstyle of this style, stockings, plush skirts – I would love to go so much in life, but not always this to the place at work. ” Someone is not limited to lush panties with stockings and goes further, placing on the avatar not a portrait, but, for example, a cut on the breast close-up, lips, eyes … Pop in thong on the avatar, and on the page the post is a marketer. This is not uncommon for a social network “VKontakte”, where a frank erotic can hide a serious professional.

“Women have a certain amount of exhibitionism in relation to their own body – this is absolutely normal, said Igor Poperechny, director of the Center for Medical Sexology and Psychotherapy, stressing that even placing photos in the nude genre is not any deviation. “This is a challenge, it shows a certain psychological looseness – I’m not talking about looseness of morals – and this is worthy of respect.”

Stockings and poses

Despite the diversity of genres and plots, most of these photosessions of girls are limited to glamor. “Alas. Everyone wants to be “pretty,” sexy and seductive. Popularly all that is on the covers of a glossy magazine: bright makeup, shiny lips, curls, “- complains the photographer Anastasia Ashitkova.

By the recognition of many photographers, and by their portfolio it is clear that the most popular genres for filming are glamor, fashion, erotica, nude. Often also an appeal to retro in the style of old French cinema – usually in black and white.

Money and security

As for the prices for the photo shoot, on average it is 2500-3000 rubles for two hours of shooting, photos are recorded on a disk, about 20 frames of the total amount of footage processed (on average 200 frames) are processed in a photoshop. As a rule, the work of the “photographer-model” pair proceeds without an agreement, nobody wants to mess with the papers.

How to insure against the fact that your photos of nudes will not fall on porn sites (the assumption of a terrible dream)? “As a rule, confidentiality is respected, and photographs are not used without permission,” Vitaly Vetrov comments, but stresses: there is only one insurance from a legal point of view – a signed agreement under which the property rights in photos with your participation will pass to you.

So if you decide to please yourself or your beloved, or even one hundred favorite friends of VKontakte with your candid photos, but still do not want to be used without your knowledge, do not be lazy to ask the photographer about the contract. 

Although the Internet is a place where even hidden albums, if desired, can be accessed by everyone, which means that when you upload a photo on the Internet, you should in fact always be mentally prepared for the fact that in a week or so a local newspaper will have a black and white mock-up matchbox where your nude photo will be adorned with the inscription “Hot girls are waiting for your call.”

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