Reinvent Home Workouts With This Fun Piece of Cardio Equipment

You can sign up for mini trampoline workouts with Moore, or you can even jump while catching up on Netflix. Read through to see some affordable mini trampolines you can get through Amazon – many will come within days, which is much more accessible than most dumbbells and other sold-out fitness equipment. Happy jumping!

Mini trampoline workouts aren’t anything new, but I’ve actually never tried one. I do have a regular outdoor trampoline that I occasionally use with the kids, so I know that even after a few minutes of jumping, I’m sweating and out of breath!

So after watching Shantani Moore share this bounce cardio workout using a mini trampoline, I was so pumped and intrigued that I went straight to Amazon to see how much one would cost. Although I’ve been enjoying my outdoor runs, I saw a red leaf the other day, which reminded me that winter is coming. With colder temps approaching, an indoor trampoline seems like a superfun indoor cardio workout idea!

Since this pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon and many gyms remain closed, at-home workouts may be getting a little redundant; bodyweight and dumbbell exercises are effective, but how many squats and push-ups can you do? If you’re looking to revamp your home workouts but cardio machines are too expensive and you don’t have the space, a mini trampoline offers an affordable cardio option that allows you to get your heart rate up and strengthen your lower body. You can also use it for plank variations. Trampoline workouts are high intensity but low impact, so they’re easier on your joints.

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