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Cleaning more than twice a day makes the teeth sensitive, and misuse of flosses leads to bleeding gums. In one poem, the formidable Moidodir urged children to brush their teeth regularly. His recommendations, however, were reduced to the use of tooth powder. 

Today, the arsenal for dental care has grown at times, the most progressive inhabitant of the megapolis can get confused in the assortment. And dentists, meanwhile, complain that a good half of their patients take care of their teeth badly.

About modern means for the oral cavity and about what mistakes adults allow in this simple matter, the correspondent of SE recognized.

Setae and villi

About how to properly brush your teeth, even awkwardly to remind: movements from the gum to the crown of the tooth, according to the rule of the comb, as if “sweeping out” the plaque. Simply can not imagine. And yet, as the doctor-hygienist of the clinic “Dental-Service” Tatyana Kolomeets told, many patients clean their teeth as they were taught by their parents – instead of circular or sweeping movements, they rub their teeth in a toothbrush from side to side, and this wrong.

“You can not clean it with horizontal movements: they are very aggressive and tear the circular ligament of the tooth, which subsequently causes the descent of the gingival margin, the appearance of hypersensitive areas,” the doctor warns.

In addition, people on brushes still prefer to save and do not change them on time, although they realize that the old brush is not only not very capable to cope with the bloom, but it is also a cozy place for living bacteria. And even less people decide to spend money on an electric brush. But its most important plus is the ability to remove plaque – the main culprit of almost any problems with the teeth. Thousands of revolutions per minute do not leave him a chance.

But even if there is a willingness to give money for an electric brush, doctors recommend to approach this issue more closely. First, when choosing a model: brushes with reciprocating circular motions are better than “vertical” – circular movements are more effective on enamel. Secondly, electric brushes need to be properly used: the habit of “helping” the brush with hand movement, as when using a conventional brush, knocks the device off the regime and sharply worsens the quality of cleaning.

Thirdly, electric brushes are too aggressive for people with periodontal diseases, tooth mobility, and also for those with necked teeth.

For the same reason, they can not be used on a daily basis for children, it is true that it is perfectly permissible for such parents to brush their teeth twice a week to ensure the complete elimination of plaque.

Among the advantages of conventional brushes is only their relative availability and, oddly enough, the force of habit: dentists point out that some people simply can not adapt to an electric brush.

Glitter and Beauty

The choice of toothpaste is the second important issue in brushing your teeth. They differ from each other not at all by advertising promises.

Doctors recommend paying attention to a few points.

• The basis of the paste. Tatiana Kolomeets recommends looking at the composition. The first on the list is water. The second is an abrasive, which, in fact, cleans plaque. Calcium carbonate, in fact, chalk, is the simplest basis. It is cheap, aggressive and contains particles of different diameters that damage the enamel. Pastes based on silicon hydroxide contain smaller and well polished particles and with enamel are more careful. But the opinion that gel pastes are completely harmless and non-abrasive is an illusion, they have the same composition as opaque ones.

• Presence of minerals. Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus trinity, which should be contained in a good paste. Minerals are involved in the formation of strong enamel. A special place is given to fluoride – today many manufacturers refuse to use it: it competes with iodine, and therefore in large quantities can cause diseases of the thyroid gland. But this is relevant for regions with a high content of fluoride, we do not have enough water in the water, and therefore this element is important. “Fluoride drugs reduce the hypersensitivity of tooth enamel, especially shown if the patient has bare teeth,” says Natalia Pochueva, head of the therapeutic department at the Dental Clinic of the Road Clinical Hospital.

• The presence of enzymes in the composition (eg, papain, bromelain). They break down the protein chains of plaque, it loosens, and it is easier to remove. As a result, such a paste cleans more efficiently.

Mind and Sensibility 

Whitening pastes are another popular product containing several types of abrasives that make the enamel matte, which makes it look whiter. Doctors very much do not recommend using such pastes to people with sensitive teeth:

For those who already suffer after each taste of orange, you need to choose a paste with a content of potassium chloride or hydroxyapatite: these substances block the sensitivity of the dentin tubules. It is useful to use and special rinse. That they really worked, and not an expensive version of mint tea, you need to look to make up the minerals (to strengthen the enamel) or plant extracts (to eliminate inflammation).

“Previously, everyone was recommended to brush their teeth after eating, and now up to 90% of the world’s population suffers from hypersensitivity.

The fact is that after taking food the alkaline balance changes to sour, the enamel softens, and if you immediately brush your teeth, then you clean the microns of the enamel, “explains Tatyana Kolomeets. Therefore, the advice of doctors today is that teeth should not be cleaned more than twice a day, and after eating and in between meals it is necessary to use dental floss to remove the remnants of food. Natalia Pochueva reminded that today dentists consider floss not as an addition, but as an essential element of dental care – along with pasta and brush. However, not all patients know how to use the thread, and because of this complain about bleeding gums. To prevent this from happening, the thread can not be wound up behind the gum and injure it. When using a thread, it is important to choose “your size”, depending on the distance between the teeth (the thickness of the flosses is different – there are thin,

The final touch in the set of “home dentist” should be a scraper for the tongue – a thing not new, it was used by yogis a millennium ago. The fashion has come to us later and has got accustomed: after all in language many bacteria are saved, and, apparently, it is absolutely illogical to give them a chance to live and multiply.

And do not be afraid of the amount of money: even a complete set for dental care takes less space on the shelf in the bathroom than the rows of cosmetics. A dazzling smile is no less important than a smooth face.

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