June 20, 2024

Ready to go again? Sex/Life has just been renewed for a second season – here’s what we know so far

While there are no new clips from the new series, we do learn that at least 20 million people rewound the show to watch Adam Demos’ character Brad’s full-frontal locker room moment. Naturally.

In fact, the show was so popular that it garnered Netflix’s third largest audience after Bridgerton and The Witcher. But what do we know so far about the sexy series’ next instalment?

After it left viewers on that cliffhanger following its steamy first series, Netflix hit Sex/Life has finally confirmed that season two is on its way.

And whether you binged every episode within days, watched that infamous shower scene on repeat, or found yourself rethinking your own relationships, it turns out you’re not alone – since Sex/Life revealed its latest news by sharing a relatable montage of fan reactions to its ratings-smashing first run.

“Are you ready for more? Sex/Life will return for a season 2, coming soon,” the Instagram caption read.

Who will be in Sex/Life season 2?

It’s said that the cast as we know it will return to the show, with Sarah Shahi reprising her role as Billie Connolly, Mike Vogel as her husband Cooper, Adam Demos as past lover Brad and Margaret Odette as empowering best friend Sasha.

Sarah shared the news on Instagram shortly after Netflix made the announcement, telling fans: “Part deux coming soon… Thank you to those who got us here. ” Real-life boyfriend Adam also sparked a fan reaction by commenting on her post: “Yeeeeeeeah baby,” alongside some obligatory heart emojis. Cute.

When will Sex/Life season 2 air?

There’s been no official word, though the phrase “coming soon” has been thrown around generously. Going by previous Netflix releases, we’d guess 2022.

What do we know about the storyline of Sex/Life season 2?

No doubt we’ll pick up where we left off as Billie continues to juggle her feelings for both ex Brad and husband Cooper. The show’s creator, executive producer and writer Stacy Rukeyser, who based Sex/Life on BB Easton’s novel44 Chapters About 4 Men, has stated that it will continue to centre around female sexuality.

She said in a statement: “To create a show about empowered female sexuality that has entranced so many millions of viewers is not only immensely fun but also incredibly gratifying.

“When I think about all the women who have reached out from all over the world to say that the show speaks to them in a deeply personal way, I am so inspired. I’m thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to continue telling this story for Billie, and for all of us. ”

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