June 17, 2024

Re-wilding is the exciting new wellness trend you need to know

“Bushcraft camping”, for instance, which sees campers engage in activities like fire starting, tin-can bread making, food foraging and other survival skills, has seen unprecedented levels of interest on the web-based pinboard.

Searches for the term are up by 1,069% as families and travellers opt to leave the stress of big cities behind and focus on the bare necessities.

We don’t need to be told that getting outside can do wonders for our health. We’ve heard the statistics and read the stories: “There’s nothing like a decent dose of fresh air to give us the headspace we desperately need. ” Noted. Nothing new there.

But, the most recent wave of wellness has taken the idea of the great outdoors and run with it. Think: getting back to nature, but with added adventure. In the newly published Pinterest 100 Report, which rounds up the top trends to try in 2020 (based on what we’re all searching for), “Re-wilding” emerged as the movement to get to grips with. “Nature is the perfect antidote to digital fatigue, artificial lighting and sitting culture,” says the report. “Getting outside can lower stress and increase energy,” – so far, so familiar. But alongside walks in the woods (not to be scoffed at), or a spot of gardening (equally enlivening), many of the trends taking off next year are upping the ante.

Likewise, “Nature travel” has seen a 253% spike, with beach holidays and city breaks being swapped out for more rural adventures, like rock-climbing, hiking, or even soaking in a hot, natural spring somewhere far flung and off the grid.

And, “rockhounding”, a relatively under-the-radar past time, is gaining momentum as a wholesome and dexterous way to get your geek on. Essentially, rock collecting, or amateur geology, it involves taking a detour from your regular road trip to go sifting for rocks, gems, and geodes, while improving your ability to identify different natural materials. Rather than simple boulders, Pinners from around the globe have been documenting beautiful chunks of agate, jasper, obsidian and sunstone. Up by 185% it’s being hailed as a welcome way to ignite interest in geology – especially for kids who can’t turn down a treasure hunt.

Then there’s making the most of the space you already inhabit. Searches for “outdoor play areas” have risen by 550% with parents looking for ways to encourage their kids to put down their playstations and head outside. And, “outdoor kitchen bars” has soared by 2,795% as we look for ideas to maximise those uplifting summer vibes by spending as much time as possible cooking, entertaining and relaxing in our own backyard.

It means, for those looking to check out of their hectic schedules and embrace a bit of escapism – whether for their next holiday or just during weekends and evenings – there’s more options than ever to get “back to nature,” however comes naturally.

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