Meghan Markle her glow, according to the only makeup artist she trusts

For beauty enthusiasts, the makeup look is a mega part of that. But where do we start? According to Daniel Martin, the royal makeup artist behind Meghan Markle’s wedding day look, this is prime prep time, and getting skin in check should be top of our list. Take Meghan, for example…

As wedding season draws closer, we’re getting pretty excited about all the hitching that’s about to happen. Prep is in full swing, readings are being rehearsed, but whether joining as a guest, acting the role of bridesmaid, or walking down the aisle ourself, top priority has to be looking magnificent in front of that flower wall.

“Meghan spent the lead up to her wedding seeing facialist Sarah Chapman. Knowing that gave me confidence that her skin was going to be in great shape, which made my job much easier” Daniel told GLAMOUR at the Net-a-Porter trends breakfast. Right, regular facial appointments have been booked, so what next?

“Really keep in your mind where you’re going and how the light is going to hit your makeup”, Daniel advises. With Meghan for example, “I had to think about how her makeup would look in the car, outside, in the church, and then outside again, all being televised and photographed.” What are his top tips for transitioning through the day flawlessly? “Feel free to do something dramatic for the eyes or lips, but skin should look radiant, healthy and glowing. If you keep your skin looking like your skin, people won’t notice your makeup, they’ll notice you.”

Looking to keep the budget down and take bridal beauty into your own hands?

Daniel’s four Meghan-inspired makeup tips will have you looking as beautiful as the backdrop.

  1. Use a water-based serum and moisturiser under a water-based foundation, to keep your base compatible.
  2. Less is more so skip the primer. If you want more of a glowy, sheer finish, mix moisturiser with foundation and concealer to help skin shine through.
  3. Hands are your secret weapon. Massage your skin before applying foundation, then press your base makeup into the skin to warm the moisturiser and foundation to help it glow. You don’t get that radiance with a brush.
  4. 2-3 hours later your make-up will look different, so work it again rather than relying on one application.

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