Why Lagom skincare is the major beauty trend

We’ve written about Scandi-inspired beauty trends before but now we’re turning our attention to skincare, thanks to the trend-forecasting Swedes who are inspiring our skincare routines with a new area of innovation: Lagom.

From their chic minimalist style and simple design aesthetic, to hygge, the laid-back lifestyle trend that gave us permission to hibernate with wooden blankets, scented candles and comfort food in the name of self-care, we’re truly obsessed with everything our chic Scandinavian neighbours have to offer.

Lagom, which loosely translates as “moderation,” is all about scaling back your skin regimen and giving your complexion a break. That means setting all your advanced formulas and multi-step routines aside, and adopting a minimalist philosophy in order to get your skin back to its best.

As for the beauty products themselves, the ethos of Lagom is much like the Scandi aesthetic itself: clean, balanced, and sustainable.

That’s not to say the skincare is basic though, because it’s actually packed full of potent, natural ingredients – think plants, roots and algaes that have adapted to their harsh environments by soaking up high levels of nutrients. That makes for antioxidant-rich skincare, and more importantly, a healthy, radiant glow.

Scroll ahead to discover the best Lagom beauty products on our radar right now…

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