Kylie Jenner just wore an ASOS jumpsuit and it sold out in minutes

Take the case of the crazy jumpsuit. Just days ago Kylie Jenner decided to wear a snowsuit-style checkerboard jumpsuit from the Christian Cowan and ASOS Collection which launched back in October.

There are influencers and there are the Kardashian/ Jenner sisters who seem to have an innate knack for making things suddenly disappear from our favourite stores. If we are talking about influencer, this family are seriously owning it.

Kylie took to Instagram to share a snap (or three) of herself in the outfit, which she styled with white PVC heeled sandals and a Christian Cowan spring ’20 diamond drip trench coat.

While the other parts of this look might be pushing the budget, the stretch jumpsuit cost a relatively affordable £55 thanks to the designer’s collaboration with our favourite online retailer.

Kylie’s a pretty big fan of Christian Cowan who teamed up with ASOS for an exclusive collection which he had hoped would appeal to a younger audience. The British designer said at the launch: “The bulk of our Instagram audience are young and they don’t have big budgets, so this is for them and I’m excited about that.”

He predicted that the checkerboard dress would be popular: “ I love this dress because it’s always been loved by so many different types of women, from Lizzo to Kylie Jenner to Karlie Kloss” and told the press he thought the bow clutch would also be a hit.

“I think the bow clutch with vanish quickly because it’s such a ‘grammable piece – definitely designed for Instagram so you can pose in it easily. I also think the clear plastic trench will vanish. I think anything that’s really referenced a big celebrity will sell quickly.”

While the jumpsuit has sold out other pieces from the collection are still available – including the mini checkerboard dress (£65) and cropped bomber jacket (£75) which Kylie could whack out at any time.

You better get shopping!

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