Camila Cabello wore a $2 million necklace with £11 foundation to the Grammys

In comparison, Cabello’s makeup look consisted entirely of L’Oréal Paris products (she’s a face of the brand), which cost $108 altogether. That included primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, and eyeliner, among other necessities.

Think about that: $108 versus $2 million. Do you know what that says to me? Cabello stans both diamonds and a discount.

Camila Cabello looked stunning at Sunday night’s 2020 Grammys, wearing a gothic-style black gown by Versace and a $2 million – yes, $2 million – diamond necklace from Le Vian. The look was opulent, simply put, but Cabello paired something with it that made it a little more accessible: She matched the dress and jewels with surprisingly affordable makeup.

The “Havana” singer’s £10 foundation in particular is worth singling out. Not only did the Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation hold up on the red carpet (where the lights set up for all the paparazzi photos made it ungodly hot), it also lasted through her entire Grammys performance.

Her makeup artist Patrick Ta also used the True Match Lumi Bronzer in Bronze It and the Shake and Glow Mist to play up that dewy, golden glow she’s known for. It just goes to show that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Here’s a closer view of Cabello’s look, in case you want inspiration:

It was a really successful Grammys for Cabello, who took the stage earlier in the evening to perform a tribute to her father. The song, “First Man,” is the last track off Cabello’s most recent album, Romance, which hit number three on the Billboard 200.

Of course, fans were curious to see if Cabello would share a moment with boyfriend Shawn Mendes during the ceremony. Unfortunately, they kept their distance (at least while the cameras were rolling). She opened up about the relationship to Elle last September.

“I don’t know; people can say whatever they want to say. They can speculate, but at the same time, we are going to live our own lives, enjoy it, and fall for each other like nobody is watching,” she said. “That is how I want to live. I never want to open the door for people to feel like they are involved. Like I said, I want it to be mine and his. That’s why I’m so tight-lipped about it: because I want to protect it.”

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