July 17, 2024

Ratched is American Horror Story on acid

Sarah Paulson is chilling AF in thisTV showwhich traces the origins of one of literacy’s most menacing women, Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

After faking her way into a psychiatric hospital in Northern California in the late 1940s, Nurse Ratched partakes in a number of unsettling experiments alongside Dr Richard Hanover which hope to eradicate ‘deviances’ from the human brain.

But whilst Ratched oversees troubling treatments of patients including lesbians the nurse must also come to terms with her own sexuality. Enter Cynthia Nixon, the governor of California’s wife as a potential love interest.

Ryan Murphy the creator of American Horror Story and Hollywood throws everything at his new horror TV show, Ratched – including the kitchen sink.

The Netflix show has it all. There is Miranda from Sex and The City playing a power lesbian, a serial killer who murders a group of priests within the first five minutes, the best 1940s inspired costumes you have EVER seen, gruesome torture scenes in a mid-century ‘mental institute’ that will leave you literally screaming in horror and an unhinged nurse played by Sarah Paulson who will stop at nothing in her request to let out a little inner rage including literally boiling patients under her care… alive.

In conclusion it is a horrifying watch which requires a pillow in hand to hide from such things as doctors drilling into eyeballs. Pass the sick bucket would you, Nurse Ratched.

Rounding off the exceptional performances is Sharon Stone who seeks revenge on Dr Richard for his barbaric treatment of her son, Finn Wittrock as Edmund Tolleson the most infamous serial killer of the time – who managed to be hot and menacing in equal measures and Judy Davis as the overbearing matron, Nurse Betsy Bucket who suspects Nurse Ratched is up to no good. There is a stunning argument over a peach, between the two characters, which is nothing short of epic.

You never know quite what is going to happen next in the unsettling world of Nurse Ratched and this might just be one of the most horrifying TV rides of your life. If this was a fairground ride it would be a a seriously unhinged Ghost Train so buckle UP!

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