I’ve tried literally every sleep product as a beauty assistant

However, I think we can all agree that getting a full night of quality sleep is easier said than done and many of the obstacles are even out of our control. Whether there is simply not enough time or you struggle to sleep through the entire night, there are always things you can do to create a bedtime routine that encourages your body to unwind and drift into your most peaceful sleep yet.

As you may already know, a good night’s sleep is vital. Not only is this essential for a productive day ahead, but 6-8 hours of sleep improves brain function and automatically allows your body to recover from a stressful days work.

When we are sleep deprived, our concentration levels drastically deplete, our energy drops and let’s not even talk about the havoc this wrecks on our skin (the beauty journalist in me is shaking). To make matters worse, sleep deprivation has also been linked to depression and poor mental health in general.

For this purpose, I have highlighted 5 key steps I take to ensure I get my beauty sleep and as a Beauty Assistant, I’ve tried everything. As with anything, the perfect bedtime routine requires consistency and dedication. These tips may initially seem insubstantial, but work like a charm.

Drink some herbal tea

The benefits of herbs have been testified for centuries, (literally). Their ability to naturally regulate the body make a herbal tea my first point of call for more or less – anything. The Dr Jackson’s Relax Tea is the perfect place to start as it is enriched with sleep-inducing herbs such as valerian root and passionflower. This soothing, organic blend will assist your body in preparation for a full nights sleep so you can wake up refreshed and renewed the next day.

Light a scented candle

Fragrance is an extremely underrated factor in a good night’s sleep and largely influences our mood. The same way strong odours such as food or chemicals can wake us out of our sleep, delicate and earthy aromas can also induce sleep. Scented candles contribute to a lovely aesthetic as a subtly dim lit room is the perfect place to doze off, but it’s the wafts of a quality scented candle such as the Diptyque Fig Tree Candle that can help erase any negative energy you may have picked up throughout the day and prepare you for the night ahead.

Turn all electronics off

This may seem like a no-brainer but the urge to reach out and check your phone, scroll through your iPad or even have a quick look at what’s on TV during the night is a huge issue when it comes to sleep and keeps your body in alert mode. If you depend on your mobile phone alarm, perhaps opt for an alarm clock instead. Blue light that electronics emit suppress melatonin, a crucial hormone our body clock requires.

Swap cotton for silk

Bedding, pyjamas, hair scarves and bonnets, you name it. When you substitute cotton for silk, you will feel an immediate difference. Cotton is more drying to the skin as it absorbs moisture, whereas silk glides easily over the skin and this calming sensation can help you relax. Silk is also healthier for the hair as it prevents snagging and keeps those (hopefully) hydrated strands healthy. Try this silk pillow case by Slip, or the Slip silk eye mask.

Avoid foods with tyramine

Tyramine is an amino acid that keeps our brains very active and alert. This is the last thing you need when it’s time to sleep as you should ideally be in relax mode. Foods high in tyramine include aged cheese, sauces such as soy or teriyaki and some chocolates.

The bottom line is, get your beauty sleep, by any means possible. Your night time routine should be specific to you and this list is a broad starting point. We’ve all been in zombie mode before, whether is due to a course-work all-nighter or your Netflix series was that good. Safe to say… it’s not cute.

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