Radio wave surgery in gynecology

The advantages of the method of radio wave surgery in the treatment of erosion of the cervix are told by the specialists of “He Klinik Novosibirsk”

To date, cervical erosion is one of the most common gynecological diseases in the world.

“Benign pathological process in the cervix, which leads to a change in the epithelium of the cervix” – this diagnosis doctors annually write down millions of medical cards.Let’s try to understand why erosion occurs and how to deal with it.

What is the cause of erosion?

One of the main reasons are sexual infections (genital herpes, human papilloma virus, etc., which can penetrate into the cervix without treatment), vaginal dysbacteriosis and inflammatory diseases of the female sexual sphere. Also, the cause of erosion of the cervix can be the early onset of sexual activity or menstrual cycle disorders due to problems in the hormonal background or low immunity of a woman. Traumatic occurrence of cervical erosion occurs during childbirth and abortion.


Often, we do not pay enough attention to the appearance of pain and bloody discharge during and after the sexual act, as well as pathological secretions from the genital organs, accompanied by itching and burning. But all this may well be symptoms of developing erosion of the cervix. Although sometimes erosion can not show itself. Therefore, it is so important that a woman at least twice a year undergoes examination at a gynecologist.

Prolonged existence of erosion, lack of timely treatment can lead to irreversible changes in the properties of cervical cells and the formation of malignant tumors. 

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis of cervical erosion involves examination with the help of vaginal mirrors and colposcopy. In “He Clinic Novosibirsk” colposcopy is performed with a video image. Upon examination, erosion is a bright red portion of the mucous membrane of the cervix 2 mm to 2 cm in diameter at an early stage of development, followed by the formation of cysts and polyps in later stages.

When the diagnosis is confirmed, the treatment method is chosen. This issue should be approached with extreme caution, especially when it comes to a nulliparous woman. The most effective and painless method of treatment is the method of radio wave destruction, applied by specialists of “He Clinic Novosibirsk”. At the disposal of doctors there is a modern equipment for the treatment of erosion – the device of radio wave surgery “Surgitron” (USA).

Radiowave surgery: pluses without minuses

Radio wave surgery is a non-traumatic method of cutting and coagulation of soft tissues with the help of high-frequency waves.

The radio wave section is performed without physical pressure on the tissue being cut. Of the finest wire, called a surgical electrode, high-frequency waves are emitted. The tissue impedes their penetration and at the same time releases heat, under the influence of which the cells in the path of the wave undergo evaporation and the tissues diverge to the sides.

Thus, radio wave surgery greatly facilitates, improves and speeds up surgical procedures. A radio wave can not be burned. After radio wave surgical manipulation, there are no such unpleasant postoperative consequences as pain, swelling, inflammation, and healing occurs without the formation of a scar (scar). In addition, a significant advantage of this method is the sterilizing effect of radio waves.

Radiosurgical equipment used in “He Clinic Novosibirsk” allows you to make cuts of any configuration and given depth, even in a certain layer of tissue, to remove the formation of the skin and mucous membranes without suturing. When removing or biopsy neoplasms of soft tissues there are no bleeding and purulent complications. The duration of healing using the radiosurgical method is 2-2.5 times less than in patients after electrocoagulation.

Lovely ladies! Visit a gynecologist in a timely manner!

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