Pull-through braids are this summer’s most popular style

The ‘pull-through’ braid, sometimes referred to as the ‘bubble braid’, has seen searches on Pinterest soar by 155%. The style involves weaving two sections of hair around a central strand – kind of like a traditional plait, but with a simple twist.

You’ll need plenty of hair bands for this (preferably clear elastics so that they blend away seamlessly).

Each summer, there seems to be a new Queen Bee braid to claim the top spot for the beachy, goddess hair we all want to copy. Dutch, mermaid, waterfall, fishtail – if only they were as relaxed and effortless to create as they look when thrown on with a loose boho blouse and basket bag on the ‘gram.

If you’ve always wanted to get involved but could never be faffed with mastering a seven-section-plait, you’ll be pleased to hear that the latest incarnation is actually remarkably easy.

To help us all along, braid pro, Justine Marjan, blessed TikTok with a 1-minute video showing exactly how it’s done.

This is how to do pull-through pigtails:
  1. Section your hair in half as if you were going to do bunches.
  2. Move one half out the way and leave for later.
  3. With the other half, take the top third of your hair and tie that into a bunch.
  4. Split the hair behind it into two halves and bring a section around each side of the bunch until they join together in front.
  5. Fastened the two sections in front together with a hair tie.
  6. Use your fingers to tease the sections into a fuller shape.
  7. This section becomes the new bunch, so repeat by splitting the hair behind it in two and bringing each half forward again.
  8. Tie this new section together and repeat down the length or your braid.
  9. Leave the last section straight rather than taking the braid all the way to the bottom
  10. Repeat with the bunch on the other side of your head

Once you have the basics, you can spice it up however you like with a single plait or pigtails. You can add accessories, like hair pins throughout, weave through a patterned scarf or finish things off with an embellished headband. Or if you’re a dab hand with a braid, you can try out an inverted pull-through by bringing the bunches together behind the central strand rather than in front, like this (which helps to keep hair bands concealed), or by incorporating a double twist – flipping each bunch backward over itself each time, like this.

Either way, there are endless ways to pull of this summer’s favourite style.

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