March 4, 2024

Psychology can be a more effective “privyotnym means” than the magic of Voodoo

If the guy is gone, what remains for the girl? Bewitch the beloved. It would seem that if you are no longer loved, why force yourself to love with the power of magic? And then! To return true love, stolen infamous.

In fact, a loved one is at the mercy of an opponent’s evil spells. She forces him to love himself by force: by the power of magic, by means of love, by sorcery conspiracy. Makesyou understand?

“And he really loves me,” the poor girl is sure. Therefore, I need to remove from him a curse, to release his feelings for me, my beloved and the only one.

So if you understand, no violence, no “beyond the will. ”On the contrary, in addition to his will, the loved one went to another. “And with the help of a spell, you can save him,” thinks the poor girl. Love will triumph, the family will reunite. What could be more important in the world andmore expensive thanthis?

Psychology can be a more effective "privyotnym means" than the magic of Voodoo

I believe, I believe, dear poor girls. Bewitch, bewitched. It is necessary to do something. Let’s try onour own, without addressing the charlamags. In the love potion, I do not believe, we will be bewitching with the help of psychological magic. Absolutely I do not promise anything, I’m not Yuri Longo, but if possible, the amount of gratitude at your discretion. Have agreed?

Lesson 1. Tears of grief will not help

But only spoil everything. Remember how the beloved swore to you in love and faithfulness. It was so? It was. And now think, towhomdid he swear in love and fidelity? You? Well this is so clear!

The question is:what did he seewhen he looked at you? Think about it. He saw something that made his heart beat with redoubled force and his breath intercepted. Right? He liked to look at you more than anything in the world.

But then time passes, and his heart beats smoothly, but his breath does not intercept. He left and did not look back. Lady in tears, wringing her hands in despair, wailing from the universal sorrow. And now attention to the screen! Question:

If he does not like you the way you used to be, then how does he love you for what you are NOW?

That is, a humiliated and offended creature with red eyes, begging him to return? What does he seewhen he looks at you? Yes, the horror is simple! You, forgive me, could have eaten a salad of two weeksago, knowing that two weeks ago it was fresh and very tasty? I doubt it.

Ideally, your strategy should be the same as if you weredeveloping a relationshipwith a new person. Do you beg him: love me? Are you sniffing? Do you crawl in front of him on your knees? You are crying sobbingly, so that he soon took and loved you with terrible force? No. And what are you doing? You try to please him. To prove yourself from thebest side, in the most advantageous light. This is how you need to restore the destroyed relationship.

All negotiations without dramas, tears and hysteria. No tearing. Do not beg. Do not kneel. Do not try to “put pressure on pity. ”Do not do anything that humiliates you. Behave accordingto the newacquaintance, show only thebest oftheir qualities.

Psychology can be a more effective "privyotnym means" than the magic of Voodoo

Lesson 2. Come back to me, I’ll forgive everything

If you want to completely bury the relationship, then repeat this phrase as often as possible. It is a joy that is unreal – to return to the person who hated you with fierce hatred, but promises to forgive everything (in case of reconciliation). The tax inspection had such a slogan: “Pay taxes and sleep well! ”. It may very well be that the dream does improve. That’s just love for the tax authorities from this will not add up to a gram.

Your man is to blame. I do not argue with this. But do not entertain yourself with the illusion that he will be in the seventh heaven with happiness, hearing from you such condescension.

Ideally, your man should not feel guilty at all. If you think this is unfair, then you can not read further. Then go to the sorcerers, make a spell and enjoy revenge. If you are in solidarity with me, I repeat that it is ideal to restore relations if the man does not feel guilty. Not for the sake of regretting his male psyche. The point is different: people live together to experience positive emotions, and not get rid of negative ones. Why should he live with a woman who promises to forgive him when he can live with another woman who does not blame him for anything? I repeat this in large letters.

Why should a man live with a woman who promises to forgive him when he can live with another woman who DOES NOT VINY him?

To a man wanted to return, you need something more than a promise to forgive him. This makes sense only if he wants to return to you and makes attempts to reconcile himself. If this does not happen, then load it with a sense of guilt (even if under sauce, that his sins will be released in full) is meaningless, this will only push the man away from you definitively.

Refrain from any claims and reproaches against a beloved man. There are no complaints against him. There is no reason for an apology.

If he wants to return, you are genuinely happy. In many cases, by the will of circumstances, people are separated for many years. Captains swim to distant lands, cosmonauts fly into space, soldiers serve in the army. Release it from feelings of guiltand remorse, and your chances of success will increase many times.

Lesson 3. My dear, it was very difficult for me.

A man should know how badanddifficultit isfor youto bewithout him. And the worse and harder you are, the better. A man, hearing how bad and difficult it is for you, at once to change your face with terrible force. As he hears that there is nobody to repair the tap, the washing machine has broken down, there is not enough money, and in general you are very ill and lonely without it – then he immediately rushes to save you. Right?

Just the opposite. Rush, but in the opposite direction. And this is not specifically his vile reaction, but the normal reaction of people in general.

People do not like problems. So toseduce aman with a broken washing machine or lack of the right amount of money is on the third floor,in the department of fiction.

I understand that often you wanted to say something else. With you it was good, but without you I feel bad. It seems to be like a man should be glad that you were good with him. But this does not happen. Because you talk about problems, and people do not need problems.

I understand that you are trying to pity a man. He will take pity, come back, repair the crane, give the salary, and save the loneliness. Again,the department of fiction. While a man loves you while he is near you, he will fix it, and give it back, and deliver. But if you broke up, you can not tempt him with these “delights”.

In your conversations (casual meetings, calls, correspondence, you continue to work together with him), problems should be absent. All is well. The only possible thing is bad that you miss him (you miss sex, he is a wonderful lover), you are fine with him. The rest of the problems you must forget. No problem. It’s allgood.

Psychology can be a more effective "privyotnym means" than the magic of Voodoo

Lesson 4. Already the very same Tatyana?

A person has the image of an ideal partner. For the girl, the first ideal image is her father, and for the boy – the mother. “When I grow up, I marry you, Mom,” says the boy. The Oedipus complex is called.

But it’s not about the parents. I’m talking about theimage of an ideal partner, which every person has from the earliest childhood. It includes the multiple characteristics by which a person chooses the best partner. They are also very specific (so that they do not drink or smoke), and extremely vague (seeing a man, I immediately understand whether this is the person I’ve been looking for all my life). A person constantly collates thousands of candidates with his “reference” image. Often the “hit” is almost one hundred percent, so a person is sure that he has found his “half. ”The more accurate the hit, the coincidence, the stronger your passion, your love. This is in short the mechanics of love.

The value of an ideal partner is comparable to the value of a mother for a small child. As soon as a person, similar to your ideal, is discovered in reality, there is atransferan ideal image on this person. In other words:

A man loves you for the fact that you are very similar to his image of an ideal woman.

And the moresimilar, the more he loves. The difference between male and female love is only in details. A man, for example, loves the eyes, his choice is based most on the external appeal of a woman. Yes, yes, that’s so simple. Who does not know this? Everyone knows this. I remind you of this again so that you are not mistaken about this.

And it’s even possible to get lost. The fact is that any personcontinues tocompare his partner in the ideal way and after he confessed his love, and after a year or several years (or even decades) after having lived with him in the soul. It’sendlessprocess.

A hackneyed, but exceptionally accurate example: if you go to bed with a cucumber mask on your face, your men, as Zadornov says, do not converge. He doesnot see youas a loved one. It will not work out physically. And if you do not believe me, conduct an experiment: a cucumber mask on your face – and forward, on a romantic date. As soon as it takes place, I take my words back. Experiment.

Ideally, a man should see you as he saw you when he first met. This is not always possible, but you need to strive for this. Money should not be spent on shamans and sorcerers who promise a “spell of two hundred percent”, but for a cosmetologist and a hairdresser, for clothes and shoes, for cosmetics and perfumes. These are thebestFascinating devices that were ever invented by mankind.

If there is an opportunity to see the “former” – well. If not, you can organize it. “Accidentally” met. Especially not so good: the man will think that it’s you for him disguised. So it’s better tohappen by accident. Then he will understand that you look good not at all for him (he imagined too much about himself), but for himself.

You need to meet as if you were going on your first date. The best look is necessary. If you meet often, you shouldalwayslook the best.

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