Millet porridge

Loose millet porridge prepared from millet, obtained from bean plants of the genus Sorghum. Darker millet porridge turns out more crumbly. Millet porridge on the water, and milk.

Calorie or millet porridge is 135 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties or millet porridge

Millet porridge fills the body with energy, and removes excess minerals from the body. Millet contains essential amino acids which are the basic building material for muscle and skin cells. Millet porridge – a source of b vitamins, especially vitamins B1, B2 and B5. In millet contains almost the entire periodic table: iron, fluorine, magnesium, manganese, copper.

Millet porridge excretes antibiotics and toxins. She is not fat, millet not only promotes the deposition of fat, but even removing it from the body. Millet porridge is useful for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases as well as for violation of cardiac activity is needed potassium, and a valuable source is millet.

Millet porridge crumbly in cooking

Before cooking or millet porridge millet should be well washed, preferably hot water, until the water becomes completely transparent. Porridge pour plenty of water and boil until half ready, then the remaining water is drained and boiled until tender in milk.

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