April 13, 2024

Protein is the number one ingredient you need in your hair regime

Shampoo and conditioner might well cater to different hair types, whether that be dry, greasy, normal, damaged, curly, frizzy and so on, but they definitely don’t address those of us with combination hair.

These oily roots are definitely not going to benefit from the moisturising shampoo we’re using for our dry ends. So what’s the answer?

Hair feeling dry, frizzy and generally deceased? We’re with you, and there’s no doubt this time of year is the absolute worst. After a long, hot(ish) summer of sun, sweat and chlorine damage, it’s natural for locks to be looking a little worse for wear. But frankly, finding the right products to give your hair the TLC it needs can be challenging.

Rumour has it that there is actually a way to help nourish weakened tresses without having to smother your whole head in thick hair moisturisers, and it’s all possible thanks to protein.

AdvertisemenSounds scientific, hey? But seriously hear us out. It must sound all a bit high-tech but the chances are you’re already familiar with the stuff. While you’re likely to have already heard of the protein of the moment, keratin, there’s actually a whole long list of proteins our hair is crying out for. In fact, hair is made up of over 50 different types of natural protein that all work to keep our locks protected from everyday aggressors.

But, as with all good things in beauty, as the likes of pollution, heat damage and friction start to take their toll on our strands, the natural proteins start to diminish, leaving hair frizzy, dry and seriously damaged.

Feeding proteins back to your hair through the products you use could make a whole world of difference and save the annoyance of overloading limp locks. But what exactly do proteins do and what should we be looking out for when we’re shopping for shampoo? We caught up with Global Creative Director and Co-Creator of Nexxus Protein Fusion Blends, Kevin Mancuso, to reveal everything you need to know about using proteins to get your hair back on track, and here’s what he had to say…

Protein-infused products are imperative for hair health

“Hair is made up of 95% protein, and unfortunately, everything we do to our hair, even washing and brushing, causes changes to the protein composition, so you can imagine what happens when there’s chemical processes, colouring, bleach and heat damage involved. The more you protect your hair with protein replenishment the more you will help prevent damages from advancing. Some hair care will build up on the hair and mask the problem, leading to deeper damage and compromising the structural integrity that is responsible for strength, flexibility, shine and movement. ”

It’s not just a product thing

“Making sure your hair proteins are in tact is also a holistic process – a proper diet and stress reduction will help. However using a range thatcontainsprotein and is tailored to your hair typewill reduce the damage and help rebuild the hair. ”

Brush up on your proteins to know what products to go for

“Elastin is known for making damagedhairlook and feel smooth. Keratincan helprebuild the hair’snaturalprotective layer, making it stronger and more elastic while reducing hair breakage and splitting. Wheatproteins repair damage, help to thicken the hair, impart shine and manageability – important for movement and styling. Collagen givesstructure to hair. Quinoais a naturalproteinknownfor haircolour retention, conditioning and protection. ”

Intrigued? Here is our pick of the best protein-infused hair products out there…

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