April 17, 2024

Products as a beauty editor and these are the 7 everyone needs in their life

Blister plasters are good for your feet as they are for your face. Yes, really. I first had this revelation when I went through a really bad breakout phase. Every day saw the birth of a brand new pimple and I couldn’t stop examining my face, andsqueezing every spot.

Not only do blister plasters create the ideal healing environment for skin and keep out inflammatory bacteria, but they also stop you from squeezing! It’s a win, win (although, probably best to only wear them when you’re at home – they’re not the most discreet spot treatment).

I’ve worked out that I try over 1000 new beauty products every year. When you take into account that I’ve been a beauty editor for six years, that’s a lot of beauty products.

And yet, it’s strangely easy for me to whittle it down to the ultimate selection of key items that I believe everyone needs in their collection. So here you are; the products that will change your hair game, make your makeup routine easier or solve your skin problems. You’re welcome.

This is another discovery I made during my acne days. I can’t quite remember the logic behind it, but one day I decided to put Sudocrem on my spots (to be honest, I was trying anything and everything to get rid of them). Anyway, it worked. The next morning my skin was far less inflamed, and the spots seemed to have dried out a bit. Needless to say, I applied Sudocrem as a full face mask for the next year. I’ve also found out people also swear by it for eczema – who knew?

I am a die-hard Estée Lauder Double Wear fan. I wear it every day and will forever more. It was the only thing that I could rely on to cover my breakouts, under-eye bags, no matter how bad the situation. Plus, I’m a firm believer that a full coverage foundation gives you more options. You can either wear it full force, or mix it with moisturiser or serum to tone it down, whereas you can’t add more pigment to a sheer finish foundation. Just saying.

As someone with perma-dry lips, I’m constantly trying out lip balms, but I always come back to this one. It’s full of shea butter, vitamin E, SPF 15, fortifying ceramides and it smells of roses.

I’m about to save you a lot of time and effort with this one. If you’re looking for a heavy duty concealer, this is all you need. In my experience, everyone who tries it doesn’t look back, and it’s a staple in all the pro makeup artists’ kits. It’s dry enough to providing lasting coverage, but never dries the skin out or creases. Facial massage is a must but please don’t buy a jade roller.

Not only is it potentially unhygienic (rocks are porous and so are impossible to clean, meaning they harbour bacteria), but also the crystal industry is dodgy in terms of sustainability and human rights (IMHO). Plus, there’s loads of way better options out there that are designed to sculpt contours and soothe tension, like The Body Shop Facial Massager. It gently squeezes out tension while promoting circulation. Plus, the cool metal makes it a great de-puffer, too.

If you want to put your hair up without leaving a kink, you need a spin pin. They’re like a little screw that you spin into an updo and somehow it just holds everything in place perfectly, while being totally invisible.

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