Pro golfer pulls a Happy Gilmore when he needs a caddie

Sure, his swing is fun to mimic on the range and he did overcome a 4 shot deficit at the Tour Championship to beat Shooter McGavin, but his antics and lack of consistent overall play is not world-class.

If you were trying to become a pro golfer, Happy Gilmore isn’t exactly the 1st choice to be your role model and inspiration.

But pro golfer Steven Bowditch found himself in a sticky situation when he was out of a caddie.

The 35-year-old Australian did his best Happy Gilmore impersonation and took to Twitter to find a kid to carry his clubs for The John Deere Classic in the Chicago area this weekend.

Remember ol’ Happy getting the assigned the kid caddie to help him win his first tournament and then picking up a homeless caddie for the rest of the tour?

Kind of a similar situation, and we hope Elias and Bowdo become good friends after the tournament.

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