April 12, 2024

Priyanka Chopra on representation, mood-boosting beauty rituals, and leaving extremes behind

A red lipstick goes everywhere with me.  It’s a great day-to-night tool. It can be high impact or more like a stain and I use it on my cheeks too sometimes for a bit of flush and colour.

When I was younger you couldn’t even find the right foundation, I would have to mix a few shades and hope for the best.

Finding the right colours was a big struggle for me growing up. Beauty as an industry is getting better at shades, but undertones not so much. So that is exactly what we have tried to do with this collection. I tried the products on myself and friends and family, and I’m very proud of the palette that we have created of amazingly pigmented shades that are flattering on universal skin tones. The foundation aspect of beauty is being addressed and has been worked on – even with us at Max Factor, the range of foundations means you can find your exact skin tone. We want to challenge the conventional notions of beauty – how beauty has been defined in entertainment and advertising. The conversation we have had with this collection is around different – and that isn’t just different skin tones – it’s different people, different personalities. It’s not up to us to define what beauty looks like.

When I’m touching up my makeup at lunch, I only take off the makeup from under my eyes and around my mouth.

I re-moisturise, and then put just a little bit more on so it feels fresh and supple instead of taking on more makeup on top of make up.

Eugene Gologursky

My definition of beauty is confidence.

When I wake up and I’m really excited about the day, like I’m going to kick the ass out of this day, it makes me feel happy and, in turn, confident. I really think the definition of beauty is internal, and when you have the tools at your disposal to create that happiness, you radiate confidence.

Blooming Orchid would definitely be a mood booster.

With colour cosmetics, those different skin tones haven’t been addressed as much. If I wanted to do a nude colour lipstick, it would often be too pink or too cool in colour, which doesn’t bring out the warmth or glow in our skin. I love the pink pop of the Blooming Orchid lipstick shade and it just makes my entire face bright.

Fashion is so expressive and beauty can be, too.

A brown hued sparkle always works well this time of year with a red lip. I love playing with eyeshadow, I’m having an eyeliner moment as well. I love sitting at my dressing table and watching makeup Reels for inspiration.

I feel most empowered when I have a table full of friends and family around me.

Just seeing the faces of people that love you and are proud of you and will be there for you no matter how terrible you are, is such an empowering feeling. I have a large family and they are my greatest strength; their unconditional love makes me feel empowered.

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