April 13, 2024

Priyanka Chopra just treated us to the first glimpse into Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s French wedding celebrations

Now, it’s time for the second wedding ceremony, a much more formal affair with all the friends and fam invited. For some people, one wedding is simply not enough.

If you’re a world famous pop culture power couple, why not just have another?

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas technically got married recently in Las Vegas. We all know that; we saw them posing on top of vintage cars wearing matching sunglasses. Since then, Sophie has whisked her best girlfriends off to Europe for an epic hen do across several cities to celebrate her nuptials.

Here’s what we think we know.

We believe it’s going to be this weekend. We’re pretty sure it’s in the South of France. We hear that it’s going to be held at the Château de Torreau in Sarrians, an 18th century villa on 20 acres of private grounds, somewhere between Avignon and Orange.

What we know for sure is that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will be in attendance. Priyanka has just given us what we think is the first little glimpse inside the wedding celebrations. She posted a photograph with her husband (are they snuggling? are they dancing? ) in front of what look very much like the sort of rolling hills and vineyards you’d find in the South of France.

As ever, Priyanka and Nick have colour-coordinated their outfits. For this occasion, Priyanka has gone for a floor-length metallic gold gown and Nick is in what looks like a beige, subtly striped suit.

“It’s in the air,” Priyanka wrote, followed by a heart emoji. Call us keen but we’ve taken this as confirmation that they’re preparing for Sophie and Joe’s wedding celebrations. The post has been liked by more than two millions of Priyanka’s followers, all of whom are probably thinking the same thing.

Could they be on their way to a rehearsal dinner? Is it the real thing? Most importantly, when do we get to see more?

We’ll keep you updated on every little look we get inside Sophie and Joe’s French wedding celebrations. After all, it may only happen the twice.

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