May 20, 2024

Preppycore Aesthetic: How To Get The Look

TikTok is the place where micro fashion trends become mega (and get given cute names to define their aesthetic. ) Right now, we’ve noticed that the Preppycore aesthetic is having a moment. If you’ve picked up your phone this month it’s likely you will have spotted something Preppycore on your feed too…

Trends seem to move at lightening speed, aided by social media and yep, some of them do (which has led to fashion becoming one of the most polluting industries on the planet. ) Refreshingly, Preppycore is one of the most long-lasting and sustainable aesthetics to emerge, due to its longevity, smart styling and and timeless appeal.

The origins of Preppy style run w-a-y deeper than a TikTok trend. Named after American private preparatory schools and the style of clothes worn there by pre-college kids in the early part of last century, Preppy style focuses on classic pieces worn neatly. A navy blazer with gold buttons, pastel-coloured polo shirt, pleated skirt and a splash of plaid. It’s versatile with a pinch of posh.

So, what is Preppycore?

In the fifties and sixties Preppy style became more sporty. Horse-riding hacking jackets, tennis skirts and sailing-inspired nautical motifs joined the chat. It wasn’t until Ralph Lauren launched his Americana-infused label in 1967 that Preppy became a high end lewk (once Mr Lauren had diversified from selling the striped ties he built his business on…)

If you’re dissecting TikTok’s current trends… There are echoes of the Old Money Aesthetic in Preppycore. (You could say Old Money is the rich aunt to Preppy’s college girl. ) Old Money is more grown-up and sleek whereas Preppy is far more fun.

The ultimate Preppy skirt would be a playful bright plaid pleated mini, whereas Old Money would wear a neutral-toned silk pleated midi skirt instead… You can also spot some crossover with Bella Hadid’s Dark Academia looks, too, as that aesthetic plays on intellectual style and garments traditionally worn by academics. Waistcoats, tank tops, collared blouses are all ideal additions for both looks.

Preppycore icons to add to your Pinterest are Charlotte Yorke, Blair Waldorf and Rachel Green while Preppycore brands include Abercrombie & Fitch, Jack Wills and Superdry — are of which are having a major comeback as Gen Z discover them afresh and start to style their Preppy classics in their own outfits.

Want to know what other pieces you need in a Preppycore wardrobe? Scroll down to see GLAMOUR’s essential picks…

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