July 15, 2024

Pregnancy is impossible

Regarding their health, women are divided into several categories. Some worry about every tingling sensation, while the latter feel that they do not care. But one unites all sensible ladies: if it concerns women’s health, most believe that pregnancy should be planned.

Unfortunately, there is a disease, because of which the plans do not work. For example, pregnancy can not occur because of improper operation of the ovaries, which the woman could not even suspect. The fact that such a syndrome of polycystic ovaries and what he is dangerous, learned correspondent SHE.

Irregular cycle and hair in the wrong places can be harbingers of infertility

Reference:The classic syndrome of polycystic ovaries (PCOS), also known as Stein-Levental syndrome, is polyendocrine syndrome, accompanied by impairment of the function of the ovaries, pancreas, adrenal cortex, hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

Hormonal fight

Polycystic ovary is a hormonal gynecological disease in which multiple cysts are formed on the outside or inside the ovary capsule. Polycystic cancers are divided into primary, arising from the period of puberty (this is the classic PCOS, occurs in about 5% of women), and secondary – when the polycystic ovaries develop against the background of other endocrine diseases. The main difference of the primary PCOS is that it manifests itself in the girl from the very first day of menstruation: the cycle is irregular, it can reach 60 to 90 days. Or amenorrhea develops – when menstruation may not be for several months.

Secondary polycystic ovaries usually develop against a background of obesity, for example, after childbirth. As explained by the gynecologist of the medical center “Avanta-honey” Nadezhda Meshkova, there is always some main reason that contributes to the violation of the menstrual cycle.

Clinically, it can be so: the girl was skinny and active, then pregnant, gave birth, probably made abortions.

And at some point a failure may occur: the thyroid gland function is broken, another disease develops and against this background, gradually, within a few years, the polycystic ovaries develop.

Unobtrusive appearance.

Regardless of the cause that caused the failure, the symptoms of the ailment look similar. Firstly, it is cosmetic manifestations: usually a woman brings a weight to a doctor who does not want to leave with the help of diets and physical exercises. Also, the woman is worried about the presence of oily skin, acne and hair in the wrong places. As Tatyana Bashmakova told, the gynecologist-endocrinologist of the Avicenna clinic, if you are not a lady of oriental appearance (for them body hair is a constitutional norm and have nothing to do with the disease), then unnecessarily persistent hair growth should alert you.

And if you think that your shin or arm is too hairy – it’s just a cosmetic defect, nothing more. Sign of hormonal problems are the hair in typically “male” zones.

It is a circle around the nipple, a strip from the navel down, hair on the upper lip and chin. At the same time, the woman is not bothered by the pain – the polycystic changes proceed painlessly. However, as doctors say, there is a category of women who do not even have external signs: neither excess weight nor hair.

The only sign can serve as irregular monthly, frequent delays, and the ladies “justify themselves” by the fact that they have it since adolescence, and consider such failures almost the norm. This is a very dangerous situation.

“Menstruation cycle for any woman should be from 21 to 35 days. Any irregular monthly, as well as too sparse, spotting that takes place in two days is all an excuse to consult a doctor, because it can be PCOS or multifollicular ovaries, adrenogenital syndrome, there are a lot of abnormal ovaries, and manifestations are the same same – rare monthly, violations of ovulation and infertility, “- warns Nadezhda Meshkova.

A long history

Infertility – either primary or secondary (depending on the type of disease) is the main consequence of the developed disease. This is a violation of the reproductive function, which is accompanied by a lack of ovulation, which means that pregnancy is impossible in principle. But even if a woman does not need to become pregnant (for example, no more family replenishment is planned), the disease can not be started.

As explained by Nadezhda Meshkova, in the future, a whole complex of metabolic disorders is possible for a woman, including increased blood pressure, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, and the risk of developing oncological diseases of female genital organs.

To diagnose, a doctor can not do without examining the hormonal background of a woman and ultrasound. Treatment includes the normalization of the hormonal background by prescribing hormonal contraceptives or other drugs that are individually selected. But no treatment, doctors say, does not begin without the normalization of metabolism and weight stabilization. As explained by Tatiana Bashmakova, adipose tissue in itself is an endocrine organ, and therefore the treatment will not be of use until its surpluses leave your body. If the possibilities of conservative methods have exhausted themselves, doctors use the laparoscopic method of surgery. Usually this method is used when the task is to become pregnant, and the operation is done in order to facilitate the maturation of the egg, its exit into the abdominal cavity and get a pregnancy.

As doctors say, the treatment of polycystosis is usually long, at least six months (in the case of primary PCOS – and life at all). So it’s worth the patience. For all other women doctors advise to get a calendar – the question of whether the monthly come on time, is much more important than some think.

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