Rules for the choice of cosmetics for young skin

Social networks dictate their own rules, and at 20, many girls begin to fear wrinkles, resorting to injection techniques maintain youth. Cosmetologists say such drastic measures are not needed.

Enough to pick up the proper home care and regularly visit a specialist. Doctor-dermatologist Victoria Britco (@dr.viktoria_13_) told what not to do to young girls, how to pick up the texture of the cream and why is it necessary to use products with an SPF regardless of age and time of year.

“It used to thirty years, few people thought about aging. Today the situation has changed dramatically. Young, twenty year old girls do botulinum toxin injections and resort to hardware methods. At an early age there is no need. Up to 25 years, the skin has a high regenerative ability. In the absence of serious problems of non-invasive procedures and properly selected care. In some cases, such as excessive dryness, you can do mesotherapy or biorevitalization. In the complex treatment of acne helps plasmolifting, grinding without damaging the surface layer of the skin, vodolechenie. Again, if these problems are not enough home care, selected specialist after the diagnosis. To 25 need to pay special attention to cleansing, moisturizing and SPF protection, the main factor of aging”.

Rules for the care of young skin

Purification. Thorough cleansing of the skin – the main rule of care, regardless of age. The three step system twice a day mandatory minimum. After washing be sure to use a face toner to restore pH. Don’t forget that micellar water to wash off.

In the morning, washing your face is enough soft foam without aggressive components in the composition will remove excess sebum and other dirt that has accumulated during the night. In the evening you can use a hydrophilic oil (an excellent tool for the autumn-winter period) – it allows you to skip the first stage of cleansing: micellar water or lotion to remove makeup.

Правила выбора косметики, для молодой кожи

Hydration. Any skin type needs to moisturize. If this is not done, excessive dryness can cause early wrinkles. Remember: even if you have problem skin, do not use products containing alcohol – they further stimulate the sebaceous glands on the production of secretions. How often do I face cream read here.

Правила выбора косметики, для молодой кожи

UV protection. UV rays – the main cause of skin photoaging. Regardless of, you 18, or 30, use products with SPF all year round. Ultraviolet rays reach the earth’s surface even under cloudy conditions. They destroy collagen fibers and negatively affect the skin. SPF factor is almost all tonal bases. In the winter they are sufficient. In the summer you need to use funds with a stronger protector.

Rules for the choice of cosmetics for young skin

The tool must match the skin type. Tools only work when matched correctly. Identify the specialist skin type – so you can understand what she’s missing. If she’s fat, must be antibacterial ingredients (aloe, salicylic acid, tea tree extract). In the mass for dry skin look for oil and hyaluronic acid.

Правила выбора косметики, для молодой кожи

Light textures. Young skin is more light textures – emulsions, gels. After use there should not be feelings of tightness and discomfort. Once a week you can use more fat hypoallergenic cream. Do not “overfeed” the young skin.

The composition without the anti-aging ingredients. In the composition of cosmetics for young skin should not be “heavy” artillery in the form of univesrsity components. They will come in handy closer to 30, when collagen production will begin to decline. To 25 the skin just enough for repair and rebuilding. If 18 years of age to use creams with antiwesternism ingredients, they will cease to be effective when you really will need.

Noncomedogen. Look for products, not clogging the pores, so as not to provoke the formation of comedones. Read the composition not only care but also decorative cosmetics. If the skin is prone to rashes, do not use heavy tones. Many brands have a special line for young skin – give preference to them.

Правила выбора косметики, для молодой кожи

No aggressive surfactants. Aggressive surfactants dry the skin. And the more it dried, the more will start to work sebaceous glands. Aggressive surfactant destroys the lipid barrier of the skin vulnerable to external irritants. This can cause inflammations and acne.

Good basic care. Young skin is not a reason to try everything, do not understand the composition. Quality cosmetics it plays a big role. Any skin problems are easier to prevent than to solve.

Правила выбора косметики, для молодой кожи

Additional funds care. To 25 years of age are not permitted to do light peels ( in that case, if there is no active acne). But only superficial. Buy tool-roll with fruit acids or lactic acid and use one to two times a week. You can use a mask selected for your skin type, taking into account individual characteristics. And remember one rule: beautiful skin depends not only on care, but also nutrition.

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