Constantly feel dissatisfaction with life

I can’t get out of the state reminiscent of depression. To do, can’t enjoy life. Even the fulfillment of my childhood dreams did not bring the desired satisfaction. Besides, I have constant mood swings: per minute of happiness gives way to a deep sadness. It seems to me that I do not say and do not fit in. How can this be overcome or cured?

Angela, 25 years

Постоянно чувствую, неудовлетворенность жизнью

Sometimes these mood swings are talking about a disorder that needs to be corrected with medication. Especially if we are talking about the common and Arctic oscillations from very good mood to almost depressive, gloomy, arising for no apparent reason. Such differences can seriously interfere with the planning and carrying out the most ordinary tasks of life, not to mention difficult. Contact your doctor or therapist for a consultation to rule out a mood disorder.

You also write that you constantly feel “not” behave “not” say and do not fit into society. This probably leads to loneliness. This experience may be due to mismatch your mood to the mood of the environment. In addition, another reason could be the lack of strong relationships with people. Start watching your surroundings, try to find the person with whom you can share some Hobbies, spending time together, visiting interesting places. You should see that you do not always appreciate or examine for compliance. Mostly people just live and go about their business, accepting others for who they are.

I think you might benefit from consultation with a psychologist with whom you can further discuss what you feel when you seem to “not fit”. Perhaps mood swings are also associated with loneliness, inability to share experience, feelings and time with someone dear.

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