Poster Girl is the London-based fashion brand loved by Kylie Jenner

It’s no surprise that after spending the best part of 18 months isolating from any form of socialising we’re all itching for a little human interaction. But while hugging loved ones and reconnecting with friends has undoubtedly been the biggest thrill of the year, the lift on lockdown has also made possible an occasion that we’ve all so sorely missed; the nights OUT out.

You know the ones. We’re not talking jeans and a nice top here. We’re not talking dinner with friends. And we’re certainly not talking sensible heels or making the last train home. We’re talking top tier nights out, when everyone puts on their most #extra outfit, impossibly uncomfortable heels are primed and ready and a ban on texting exes is put in place before it even hits 7pm.

But for those of you pining after these nights, you no doubt have a slight pang of panic in the lead-up – having spent the last year and a half sticking strictly to a rotation of tracksuits and nothing more – that you no longer know *how* to dress for such an occasion.

The London-based fashion brand may have only launched in 2017, but it’s already been spotted on the likes of Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, Addison Rae, Duckie Thot and Chiara Ferragni – to name just a few. And these women know how to *dress* for an *occasion*.

Designed by friends Francesca Capper and Natasha Somerville, who met while studying for the prestigious Womenswear BA degree at Central Saint Martins, Poster Girl came to fruition after the pair both wore ’90s chainmail for an event one evening.

They loved the nostalgia of the material and felt the fashion world was lacking a contemporary take on it, so they launched a label together.

Poster Girl’s first collection consisted of nothing more than six chainmail, metal-mesh dresses – which, by the way, were picked up by Selfridges – before the girls went on to broaden their aesthetic into pieces inspired by shapewear in super saturated colourways and prints.

Undoubtedly statement-making and designed to enhance and accentuate the body rather than shroud it, as so many looser contemporary designs do, the current season offers up a smorgasbord of looks that make use of the season’s ubiquitous trend for cut-outs.

Competitively priced compared to their high-fashion contemporaries, dresses ring in at around the £90 mark which has meant that it’s not only the super-rich or super-famous who have been getting their hands on a piece. It’s also the reason it’s the brand taking over our Instagram feeds, and we’re certainly not mad about it…

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